Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5802

Charlie wade looked at the three grey-haired oldest old men in front of him, and couldn’t help but look at Lin Wan’er, who seemed to be childishly young beside him, and for a moment, he was a little misplaced.

  The three old men were truly very old, and it was also evident through the limited contact that these three were all very experienced and wise old men.

  However, in front of Lin Wan’er, these three people were like children who had been disciplined and educated by their parents, obeying her every command.

  And even though Lin Wan’er herself still seemed to be a child, her attitude towards these three old men was still as stern as if they were children, making him feel extraordinarily out of place.

  Still, he quickly put this dissonance behind him and said to the three very politely, “Three of you, please get up.”

  The three didn’t get up, but instead raised their heads and looked at Lin Wan’er in unison.

  Lin Wan’er didn’t seem to be at all distressed by these three old men kneeling on the ground, and nodded her head nonchalantly before speaking, “Since Prince Wade has said so, then all of you should get up.”

  Only then did the three people help each other to stand up, Charlie wade wanted to go and help, but he heard Lin Wan’er beside him speak, “Your Excellency doesn’t need to bother, they can do it on their own.”

  Charlie wade nodded awkwardly and did not reach out again.

  After the three of them got up, Charlie wade hurriedly said, “The three old gentlemen had better hurry up and take the Rejuvenation Dan, after taking it, their bodies will be greatly improved.”

  The three people still did not say anything and looked at Lin Wan’er together again.

  Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and said, “If Mister Wade tells you to take it, then you should take it.”

  Saying that, she took out three Jianjian from underneath the tea table and said to the three of them, “As Duke wade gifted you with the Spring Recovery Pill, I will give you a cup of tea.”

  After saying that, she poured three cups of golden-red tea soup for the three people from the pot that was used to cook the tea, and opened her mouth, “This tea, is brewed from the tea cake of the mother of Pu Tea, and from the time you were children, I have never been stingy in what you want, except for this tea, which I am really reluctant to give up, and today it is considered to be the icing on the cake for the three of you.”

  When the three of them heard this, they were stunned speechless.

  No one expected that in this pot, Lin Wan Er was cooking a tea cake that was the mother of all Pu Tea.

  They had grown up around Lin Wan Er since they were young, and knew that Lin Wan Er was a keen tea drinker, and also knew that Lin Wan Er’s most important treasure was not the valuable antiques, nor was it endless wealth, but the mother of Pu Tea, which was less and less when you drank a mouthful of it.

  For Lin Wan Er, the significance of this tea cake was extraordinary, and could not be replaced by anything else in this world.

  Therefore, all along, she never shared the Mother of Pu Tea with anyone, Charlie wade being the only exception.

  Seeing the shocked looks of the three of them, Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and spoke, ”What are you still standing there for? Quickly take the pills that duke Wade gave you, then sit down and drink a cup of tea and go back to rest early.”

  When the old Zhang trio heard this, they immediately nodded their heads smilingly, and as the three of them were about to take the Rejuvenation Pill, Qiu Yingshan suddenly remembered something and opened his mouth to ask, “Duke Wade, there is one thing that I have the audacity to ask you …….”

  Charlie wade said, “Please speak, old sir.”

  Ying Shan busily said, “Prince Wade just said that one Rejuvenation Pill can prolong your life for twenty years, can half of it prolong your life for ten years?”

  Charlie wade nodded, “It can.”

    Ying Shan was immediately overjoyed, his eyes glanced at the tea knife used by Lin Wan Er to warp the tea cakes, and he respectfully said, “Miss, I would like to borrow your tea knife for a while ……”

  Lin Wan’er asked him curiously, “You want to give half of the pills to your wife?”

  ”Yes!” Ying Shan nodded his head and said, “She has been with me for nearly seventy years, and now she is also on her way out, so I don’t think there are a few more years of light left, if I extend my life by twenty years, I really can’t bear the thought of one person living alone for so long ……”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “You’ve shared a lifetime together, you really can’t just focus on yourself.”

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