Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5801

  Upon hearing this, the three of them looked at each other excitedly, then immediately bent down and knelt on the ground.

  Charlie wade saw the three old men who were almost three hundred years old together kneeling to themselves, how could his heart withstand it, and hurriedly got up to assist and block them, but Lin Wan’er suddenly stretched out her jade hand to pull Charlie wade’s hand, and earnestly said, “Your Excellency does not need to get up, it’s only right that the three of them should pay their respects to you.”

  Charlie wade busily said, “The three old gentlemen are old, how can they perform this great gift, it is really inappropriate ……”

  Lin Wan’er firmly said, “Don’t worry, gongzi, there is nothing inappropriate, they performed a big salute, not only to thank you, but also for themselves!”

  Said, Lin Wan Er added: “The three of them are my hand to raise up, I know their character, more know their destiny, although they are infants life is very bitter, but without exception, are destined to have a great blessing of people, otherwise it is impossible to meet me;”

  ”It’s great to be blessed, but I’m most afraid of folding my own blessings;”

  ”Not respecting the teacher, not respecting the old and loving the young, not disciplining oneself, not doing good deeds, all will fold their blessings, what the Prince is going to give them is a heavenly chance, if they don’t genuinely kneel down and always be thankful in their hearts, then they will definitely fold their blessings even more.”

  Saying this, Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and looked at Charlie wade and said seriously, “Therefore, in the future, if Gongzi encounters someone who is going to kneel and kowtow in gratitude to Gongzi, don’t stop him, not letting him kneel will instead fold his blessings.”

  Before Charlie wade had time to think about this theory that Lin Wan’er had said, those three old men had already knelt on the ground side by side.

  The three of them spoke in unison, “I pay my respects to Duke Ye for his great kindness!”

  Charlie wade had no choice but to speak, “Please rise quickly, three old gentlemen.”

  Lin Wan’er, like a parent, said in a stern tone, “You may not rise before Your Excellency bestows blessings!”

  The three heard this and knelt motionless.

  Charlie wade saw for the first time such a majestic side of Lin Wan’er, such a weak and well-behaved little girl, in the spirit of the face of the three kneeling on the ground of the old man giving orders, the genus is somewhat subverted cognition.

  Charlie wade, seeing this, could not delay any longer, thinking to hurry up and give the pills, so that they could get up in a hurry.

  So, he took out three pills, and opened his mouth, “This is the Rejuvenation Pill, serving it can cure all diseases, prolong the life of Yang, and can prolong the life for twenty years, the three of you quickly serve it, and in the future will also be better to accompany Miss Lin for some time.”

  When Lin Wan Er heard Charlie wade’s last sentence, her heart suddenly jerked violently.

  What is the value of this kind of level of spring back dan, Lin Wan Er was clearer than anyone else, her own three foster son, and Charlie wade can’t talk about friends, let alone have a favour, but Charlie wade was willing to come up with three spring back dan to them, which has really exceeded Lin Wan Er’s psychological expectations.

  When she listened to Charlie wade, she realised that the reason why Charlie wade was so generous to them was probably for her, in order for her to not be so lonely in the future.

  The three old men were also pleasantly surprised, not only were they surprised that they were about to live twenty years longer, but they could also see the special concern that Charlie wade had for Lin Wan Er.

  In their opinion, in this world, there wouldn’t be a second person who was a match made in heaven with Lin Wan’er, so when they saw that Charlie wade was so concerned about Lin Wan’er, it was as if they saw the scene where Lin Wan’er was wearing a wedding dress and marrying Charlie wade.

  At that moment, Lin Wan’er was grateful in her heart, but on her mouth, she said to the three of them with some chastisement: ”What are you all standing there for? Why don’t you thank Prince Wade for bestowing blessings?!”

  The excited trio, only then did they instantly come back to their senses, and repeatedly said in a loud voice, “Thank you for the blessings bestowed by Prince Wade!”

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