Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5799

  Charlie wade asked in disbelief, “That sounds like it’s not very realistic ……”

  Lin Wan Er laughed, “Pina ray also felt that it was unrealistic at first, and thought that she had made a mistake in comprehending Zhouyi, but after the Second World War, Pina ray came into contact with modern technology, and came into contact with the radio, and Pina ray’s heart was enlightened, this kind of thing, Reiki, may be like a radio frequency, which is not perceived at all by the average person relying on the physical body, but once one is equipped with the conditions to receive the radio But once you have the conditions to receive the radio, you will be able to constantly draw on the contents of the radio, and Reiki may be like that.”

  Charlie wade stared wide-eyed and exclaimed, “In that case, the Age of the End of the Laws, may not really be the Age of the End of the Laws?!”

  Lin Wan’er said, “The Age of the Last Dharma, in fact, it is only a kind of rhetoric of the descendants, the descendants got the cultivation methods and insights of the ancients, but could not achieve the effect of the ancients’ cultivation, so the descendants concluded that there is no longer any aura in the heavens and the earth and the world has entered into the Age of the Last Dharma, but how it actually is, who can’t say it is not good, and the slaves don’t dare to guarantee that the slaves’ perception of Zhouyi is definitely right, so everything is just for Gongzi to do. So everything is just a reference for you.”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly, in his heart, he had already believed more than half of what Lin Wan Er had said.

  He felt that Lin Wan’er’s statement should be a little more credible, and that the so-called soaring in place and becoming immortal was more like a mythological story.

  Thus, Charlie wade brought the topic back to the Dragon Ascension Grid and asked her, “Miss Lin, I wonder how this Dragon Ascension Grid is judged? If I were to give you my father’s birth date and eight characters, could you calculate whether he was an Ascending Dragon Grid or not?”

  Lin Wan Er shook her head and said, “Nun can’t calculate the Ascending Dragon Grid, Nun’s perception of Zhou Yi has only just reached the point where she knows the existence of the Ascending Dragon Grid, but she doesn’t yet know how to calculate whether a person is an Ascending Dragon Grid or not, this is a problem that Nun has also studied for many years, but she has not been able to make any breakthroughs, and she seems to be stuck in a certain part of the process that she can’t figure out.”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “What is the link that you can’t figure out?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “According to the results of my slave’s deduction based on Zhou Yi, although the Dragon Rising Grid exists, it is not innate.”

  Charlie wade asked in surprise, “Not innate? Could it be that the Fate Grid can still be cultivated later in life?”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “My lord, this slave doesn’t know, slave only deduced that the Ascending Dragon Fate was not innate, but exactly how it came about, slave doesn’t know, moreover, slave isn’t sure that the result of her deduction is right, it is also possible that slave was wrong from the deduction.”

  Speaking here, Lin Wan Er hesitated for a moment and looked at Charlie wade and whispered, “My lord, slave has a sentence, I don’t know if I should speak or not.”

  Charlie wade busily said, “Miss Lin, but there is no harm in saying it!”

  Lin Wan Er said, “My slave thought that Gongzi’s father should not be a Dragon Rising Grid, and it is even possible that he is not even a Dragon Grid.”

  Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Why is Miss Lin so sure?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “The Ascending Dragon Fate is a supreme Fate that is rare for hundreds of years, how could the Heavenly Dao sit idly by and watch him being killed at a young age? Moreover, he was also killed by Jaro Bo, who’s destiny is several grades lower? Not to mention the strongest and highest Rising Dragon, even if it’s a Dragon like Gongzi, as long as the opponent is not someone with a stronger destiny and strength, and as long as the opponent is not attacking in a group, Gongzi will be able to make a way out of every mountain, build a bridge over every water, and turn misfortune into good fortune!”

  ”The power of the fate pattern is not just talk!”

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