Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5798

Lin Wan’er’s words gave Charlie wade a boost.

  He hurriedly asked, “The Dragon Ascension Grid, can ignore the Heavenly Dao, so wouldn’t it really be possible to ascend as the legends of the cultivators say?!”

  Lin Wan’er laughed: “Your Excellency is overthinking, ascension is actually just a speculation that people get from comprehending Zhouyi, people always think that after cultivating to a certain extent, they will be able to ascend into another world, such as the Immortal Realm that we Oriental people talk about, and the Divine Realm that the Westerners talk about, but in fact, with Pina ray’s enlightenment of Zhouyi, no matter how long it takes for a cultivation to be completed, its essence is that the lifespan and the strength is continually extending is just that.”

  Charlie wade humbly asked for advice, “Miss Lin doesn’t know if she can explain it in detail?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded her head slightly and said seriously, “My lord, the extension of lifespan and strength signifies that the essence of things will not change, just like a tree that grows even taller and lives even longer, it is still a tree, and will not turn into what people call a Tree Demon, Tree Spirit, or Tree God;”

  ”Perhaps as its cultivation improves, the flowers it blooms and the fruits it bears will have extraordinary efficacy, but it is still, in essence, a tree;”

  Charlie wade gently nodded and said, “That is to say, even if a person breaks through the shackles of the Heavenly Dao, he is still a human being, only one who lives longer and is stronger?”

  ”Right.” Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “This is the true Zhouyi, a person’s strength can surpass the Heavenly Dao, but after surpassing the Heavenly Dao, they are still a human being, not a god.”

  ”If ten thousand years was the limit of the Heavenly Dao for that Mother of Pu Cha back then, then it was bound to encounter a Heavenly Tribulation when it was almost ten thousand years old;”

  ”If it fails to survive the Heavenly Tribulation, it will fly away in ashes;”

  ”If it survives, it will still be the Mother of Tea, it will still stand by the Heavenly Pond, it will still be the same tree;”

  Said, Lin Wan Er and said: “As for the heavenly way, it is at a high level, but also far beyond the superhuman cognition, to say a word of treachery, like the master of his strength doomed him to live only to a thousand years, if he can break through the millennium shackles, perhaps to live to 2,000 years, but he wanted to live to the day the heavenly way to come down, perhaps to 5,000 years, or even 10,000 years, that is to say, he was immortal death time, he was still a hundred thousand miles away from the Heavenly Dao.”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Then does Miss Lin know how high the Heavenly Dao actually is?”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “My slave has only lived for less than four hundred years, so how can I peer into the height of the Heavenly Dao.”

  Saying that, she suddenly remembered something and said to Charlie wade, “By the way Gongzi, back then, the Heavenly Dao of the Mother of the Koppu Tea should have been 10,000 years old, and when the Heavenly Tribulation descended, it had already been alive for 10,000 years, this was what the Nun’s family had counter-projected through its destiny.”

  Charlie wade gently nodded and asked, “Since Miss Lin is quite knowledgeable about Zhouyi, can you tell me what would happen if the Mother of Pu Cha breaks through the Heavenly Dao?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “Once it survives the Heavenly Tribulation and breaks through the Heavenly Dao, then it will be able to draw spiritual qi from the heavens and the earth to continue its own cultivation and make the cultivation twice as fast with half the effort, and perhaps one day, a single leaf from it will be able to add twenty years to a person’s life, just like a Rejuvenation Pill.”

  Speaking here, Lin Wan’er smiled sweetly and said, “Therefore, the legendary Queen Mother’s Peach that can make a person ascend to Immortality with just one, may not really not be available in this world, and if a certain Peach Tree has already broken through the Heavenly Dao, and has a few thousand or tens of thousands of years of Taoism, it may really be able to realise it.”

  Charlie wade asked doubtfully, “But isn’t there already no aura existing between heaven and earth?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “According to what Zhou Yi said, for beings that have not crossed the Heavenly Tribulation, aura does not exist anymore, but after crossing the Heavenly Tribulation, aura will appear.”

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