Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5796

In the Purple Mountain Manor at night, everyone except Lin Wan’er had retreated.

  After Charlie wade drove his car and arrived, he went straight through the courtyard on the ground floor and took a step up the stone steps.

  When Charlie wade stepped into the other courtyard, Lin Wan’er had already arrived in the courtyard, and when she saw Charlie wade, her expression was delighted and shy as she said, “Your Excellency ……”

  At this moment, Lin Wan’er was wearing a white dressy sarong, her long hair hanging over her shoulders, and seemed to be carrying a few dampness.

  The water of the hot spring pool next to her was still full, and there were quite a few fresh flower petals floating on the surface, so much so that the entire compound had a somewhat faint floral flavour.

  Charlie wade subconsciously guessed that Lin Wan’er should have just finished her bath, so he also couldn’t help but feel a little unnatural, and intentionally stopped looking at the hot spring pool, but instead looked at Lin Wan’er, and said with a little bit of nervousness, “Miss Lin, I’m sorry to bother you so late, in addition to promising those three old gentlemen before, I still have a few more things that I need Miss Lin’s help in solving the puzzle. “

  Lin Wan’er slightly sideways salute towards Charlie wade, sweet smile, that the beauty of the country is intoxicating and mesmerising, then her vermilion lips gently opened, softly said: “Gongzi you are polite, can share the worries for the gentleman, is the blessing of the slave, the gentleman has any questions, although tell the slave, the slave must try to help the gentleman answer.”

  After saying that, she made an invitation gesture towards the direction of the boudoir, and said softly, “Gongzi please enter the house and chat slowly!”

  Charlie wade nodded and followed Lin Wan Er into her boudoir, at this time, within the living room on the ground floor, Lin Wan Er had already boiled tea in advance, and that special tea fragrance filled the entire room, refreshing the mind.

  Lin Wan Er guided Charlie wade to the modest tea table, and said to Charlie wade: “Sir, please sit down, my slave will pour tea for you, what do you want to ask, just say it.”

  Charlie wade nodded and did as he was told, and the two of them sat down cross-legged opposite each other across the tea table.

  On this side, Lin Wan’er poured a cup of tea for Charlie wade and said, “Sir, please use it.”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask her, “This tea, it should be that piece of tea cake that is the mother of Pu Tea, right?”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “I can’t afford to drink it at unusual times, and the only person who can afford to cook a pot of it is Gongzi who has come.”

  Charlie wade seriously said, “It’s better to be frugal, after all, this tea will be gone again after drinking it, in case you still want to get back this flavour in the future, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “It’s not in the way, whether it’s the tea tree or the tea leaves, there will be a day when it will completely die out, and the same goes for people, even though the tea is precious, as long as it’s at the right time, it’s not too much to drink in any way.”

  After saying that, she picked up her own teacup and said to Charlie wade, “Your Excellency, please.”

  Charlie wade nodded, lifted the teacup up and slowly took a sip, the refreshing tea flavour eddied around his mouth and nose in an instant, making people tsk tsk tsk.

  At this time, Lin Wan’er put down the teacup and asked Charlie wade, “Right, I wonder what is it that you have that you need a slave to solve for you?”

  Charlie wade put down his teacup and asked with a serious and expectant expression, “May I ask Miss Lin, do you know what the Rising Dragon Grid is?”

  ”Rising Dragon Grid?!” Lin Wan’er suddenly frowned and opened her mouth to ask, “Where did you hear of this word?!”

  Charlie wade said, “I just met my grandparents’ family, and I heard my great uncle say that back then, my father accidentally obtained a book called ‘Preface to the Nine Xuan Scriptures’, and although my great uncle didn’t know what was written in the book, he remembered that my father always brought up the term Rising Dragon Grid and the like, and I once heard Master Exoer say that there is a Mang Grid and a Dragon Grid for people’s destinies, but I don’t know what, this Rising Dragon Grid is again. “

  Lin Wan Er did not answer Charlie wade’s question, but asked curiously, “Your Excellency said Master Exoer, I wonder which Master Exoer? What is the name?”

  Charlie wade said, “It’s the direct descendant of the Song Dynasty Feng Shui Master Exoer Bouyi Master Exoer back then, named Exoer ……”

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