Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5794

Charlie wade knew that now was the perfect time to bluff.

  The fact that the planes of the three elders of the Broken Qing Society had turned back over the ocean proved that Wu Fiona was already afraid.

  Since he was afraid, he had to strike while the iron was hot.

  The An family would not leave Aurous Hill for the time being, and there were definitely still eyes of the Broken Qing Society within the An family, so taking this opportunity to put the word out would also serve to knock the mountain and shake the tiger.

  The current An family members had 10,000 trust in Charlie wade, and since Charlie wade had said so, everyone naturally did not have any opinions, so they planned to carry out what Charlie wade had set out to do.

  As for An Youyou’s husband, Charlie wade was not in a hurry to start testing whether he had any problems or not, because according to what he thought, as long as the An family members started to keep a tight lid on things and not give any outsiders a chance to pry into their secrets, they would be able to stabilise the situation.

  As for Wu Fiona, since she had already received her threat, she would definitely not make any more moves against the An family for some time to come, and the An family could also breathe a sigh of relief.

  At the dinner table, Charlie wade pushed and exchanged cups with his maternal grandfather as well as his three uncles and Li Yalin.

  Grandmother and sister-in-law also accompanied everyone and drank a few glasses of red wine, and the atmosphere between the family began to become more and more lively.

  Grandmother couldn’t help but chime in, “Charlie, you said you’ve been married for four years, when will Grandmother be able to meet her granddaughter-in-law?”

  Charlie wade seriously said, “Grandmother, as long as the Broken Qing Society is not eliminated, I will not be able to disclose my identity to the public, so for this matter, you might as well wait a little longer ……”

  Grandma nodded her head gently with great understanding, then asked, “But what are your plans for Stephanie’s side? This girl Granny truly thinks is one in a million, she has been waiting for you for so many years, you say if you fail her again, how sad she must feel in her heart ……”

  Charlie wade himself had a headache, and quickly said, “Grandma, this matter …… I don’t know what to do now, so it can only be temporarily shelved ……”

  On the side of the grandfather opened his mouth: “Charlie, temporarily shelved in principle is no problem, but you have thought about it, Stephanie also to the marriage grade, you delayed to give people a statement, in case one day she is not willing to wait for you, married someone else, you will be what mood?”

  When Charlie wade heard this, his heart was even more mixed, not knowing how to answer.

  At this time, An Chongqiu spoke up, “Dad, mum, relationship issues are Charlie’s personal matters, it’s best for us not to point fingers, let Charlie decide for himself.”

  The old man gently nodded, lifted his wine glass, and spoke, “Come Charlie, let’s have another drink!”

  This family banquet gradually came to an end, except for Charlie wade, everyone else was already visibly drunk.

  Charlie wade still kept in his mind that he still had to meet Lin Wan’er, so he spoke, “Grandparents, it’s getting late, you two take an early rest today, I still have to meet a friend, I’ll come back to visit you some other day.”

  Grandmother hurriedly asked him, “Charlie you’re leaving?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “I have an appointment with a friend to meet her later, and it’s quite late, so I can’t delay any longer.”

  Grandpa was a little reluctant to leave, but still spoke, “Charlie, if you have something to do, go and get busy, Grandpa and Grandma and your sister-in-law and uncles, these days they don’t go anywhere, they’re just in Aurous Hill, so come to the house anytime you have time to sit down.”

  ”Okay Grandpa.” Charlie wade agreed, and then remembered something, opened his mouth and said, “Right Grandpa, Wanliu Villa you guys don’t go for the time being, or live here, there are my people keeping an eye on it, it’s relatively safer and more convenient.”

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