Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5793

  But then again, she also knew very well that at first, before Third Sister-in-law’s accident, she was also extremely in love with Third Brother, and everyone thought that Third Brother had married a beautiful, generous and gentle good wife, but who could have known that the other party would want to kill the entire An Family, all of them and leave no one behind.

  An Qishan added at this time, “After the last incident in New York, both Michael and I felt that Parker was highly suspected, but not long after that, Festus committed suicide by taking poison, so all of our attention was focussed on Festus, and now that we think about it, it would be very difficult for Parker to clear his suspicion.”

  Charlie wade spoke up at this time, “I think what Grandpa said is very reasonable, if we project according to this time node, my sister-in-law’s husband’s suspicion is indeed the greatest.”

  Saying this, Charlie wade added: “However, there is no way to come to a conclusion on this matter for the time being, so at the moment, my idea is that all of you should not contact anyone for the time being, and wait for me to sort through the rest a little bit before saying anything else.”

  Everyone agreed, it was clear to everyone that if the enemy hiding in the shadows was not dug out, the An Family would never have peace.

  And An Yo Yo heart is also very clear, this matter, never rely on intuition to judge, now in addition to Charlie wade, anyone can not guarantee 100% trustworthy, their own husbands in fact there is no problem, but also to wait for the investigation to be able to know.

  At this time, Charlie wade’s grandmother asked: “Charlie, according to your opinion, after today, the An family will temporarily not have any contact with the outside world?”

  Charlie wade shook his head and said, “Grandmother, the An Family has such a large family business to run, it’s not realistic to suddenly cut off all contact with the outside world, the reason why I didn’t allow the An Family to have any contact with the outside world before I came here was mainly because I didn’t want you to leak out the details of what happened last night, so as long as a unified statement is set, after tomorrow, the An Family can still return to their normal life and work with the An Family’s relatives, employees, and subordinates, they can all resume normal communication as well.”

  Great uncle An Chongqiu asked, “Charlie, how do you think we should tell these people about what happened last night? Take your sister-in-law’s husband as an example, if he really has a problem, then he will be very eager to know the details of what happened last night, and the art of your sister-in-law’s reply should not allow him to perceive that we have become suspicious of him.”

  Charlie wade nodded and opened his mouth to ask An Youyou, “Auntie, after what happened in New York last time, did you mention to your sister-in-law’s husband what happened that day?”

  An Youyou said, “I told him about the events of that day, including the fact that your third aunt committed suicide by taking poison, as well as the fact that you suddenly appeared to save us, but at that time, we didn’t know your identity either, so I only said that a mysterious benefactor stepped in to save us at the critical moment.”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly and spoke, “Since you’ve already told your sister-in-law’s husband about what happened last time, then what happened yesterday, if you cover it up will only make him wary;”

  ”So, if sister-in-law’s husband as well as other people ask about it, why don’t you just tell them in a big way that the An Family encountered an attack yesterday, and name them, tell them that the attacker claimed to be the Jaro Bo of the Broken Clearance Society, and that he wanted to force the so-called secret of longevity out of the mouths of the An Family members, and then tell them that it was again the Enkong who appeared at the crucial moment last time, and directly knocked that Jaro Bo out of the door away, and the rest of you guys don’t know anything except for hearing a popping sound.”

  An Yo Yo was busy asking, “Then if he asks about you?”

  Charlie wade said, “This is simple, just say that I am the same as last time, I didn’t show my real face, I just judged by my voice that I am the one who saved you guys last time in New York, then you will pretend that you suddenly remembered some details, and tell him in passing, just say that I was in front of you guys last night, and I told that Jaro that sooner or later, one day I will chop off Wu Fiona’s head with my own hands! “

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