Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5791

  Unlike Don Albert such a brown man, he gave him pills, he plopped down to the ground, kneeling, hands above his head, after taking the medicine, a head on the ground, said a thank you to Master Wade for the gift of medicine, this matter is over.

  After sighing, Charlie wade said to the two of them, “Grandparents, quickly take the pills, after that let’s go and eat, after chatting for so long, my stomach is already hungry!”

  The two of them looked at each other before taking the elixir, then looked at each other, looked at the elixir, and then looked at Charlie wade and the four children, then both of them picked up the elixir at the same time, and slowly put it into their mouths.

  Apart from Charlie wade, the rest of the An Family, as well as Li Yalin, all looked at the two old men with wide eyes and unblinking eyes, wanting to see for themselves, the efficacy of the Rejuvenation Pill.

  Even Charlie wade’s great uncle, An Chongqiu, had only seen the effect of others taking a quarter of the Rejuvenation Pill at the auction, and had never seen the sight of a whole Rejuvenation Pill being taken.

  The two old men, on the other hand, kept looking at each other in their eyes, they wanted to see from each other’s face, the effect of turning back the clock in the legend of the Rejuvenation Pill.

  And the Spring Returning Pill, never let anyone be disappointed.

  As soon as the medicine took effect, it immediately seemed like an accelerated rewinding of a slide show.

  The snow-white hair of the two old men quickly blossomed with a little mottled black, and the several deep wrinkles on their faces seemed to have been instantly filled in, and their flabby faces also clearly had the ability to fight against the force of gravity.

  The two looked at the companion who had spent most of his life and witnessed the other getting older a little bit, and suddenly started to become younger extremely fast, their hearts were both surprised and happy, this wonderful experience made their feelings towards each other sublimate again in their hearts.

  And the greater change, in the two people’s body.

  The old man’s brain, which had been ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease, began to become clearer and clearer.

  He was originally a supremely intelligent and swift thinker, but with Alzheimer’s, it was like the engine of a legendary sports car had a problem that could not be repaired, and the revs became slower and slower and the power weaker and weaker.

  However, now he could clearly feel that the feeling of his brain running at high speed had returned, and the memories that he couldn’t capture in any way before came back like a tidal wave in an instant, but he didn’t feel overwhelmed, but rather he felt that everything that had collapsed before was quickly rebuilt in his brain.

  The old lady, on the other hand, felt a great improvement in her physical state, allowing her to instantly retrieve the feeling she had twenty years ago.

  This feeling of turning back the clock caused her to be excited and ecstatic, but in the next second, she suddenly covered her face and cried bitterly.

  Because, twenty years ago, it was the very year that her beloved eldest daughter and son-in-law were killed.

  Like her, after personally experiencing the feeling of being twenty years younger, the old man also thought about the death of his daughter and son-in-law, and for a moment, he also broke down emotionally and cried silently.

  The others didn’t experience it for themselves, so they didn’t know why they cried into tears, and thought they were just happy, so they cried tears of joy.

  So, they all went forward to comfort them.

  An Chongqiu said, “Dad, mum! Why are you two still crying, looking at how much younger you are all of a sudden, we can’t even be happy enough!”

  ”Yes!” An Youyou also said, “Dad, Mum, your facial features have really become more than a dozen years younger all of a sudden! It’s truly amazing!”

  The old two looked at each other, both seeing why the other was crying.

  The old man took the lead in wiping away his tears and gently embraced the old lady into his arms, comforting her as if he was coaxing a child, “Alright, alright, don’t cry, don’t cry, today is the big day, in front of Charlie, both of us should stop shedding tears!”

  The old lady wiped away her tears while nodding heavily and said with a forced smile, “No more crying, no more crying, Charlie is hungry, let’s hurry and eat! I’ve waited twenty years for this meal, I can’t wait another minute!”

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