Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5789

  An Chongqiu also smiled and said, “Yes, Charlie, in the future, if you make the decisions for the An family, it will be more stable than us! Your grandpa’s intention, you can’t refuse it!”

  To the An Family, Charlie wade had saved them too many times, and was extremely generous in taking out three Rejuvenation Pills one after another, in the face of this sentiment, the An Family were all mindful of this, in the past, the An Family never owed any favours, but now, they owed Charlie wade favours that they couldn’t pay back no matter what, so they were all also looking forward to Charlie wade being able to accept the An Family’s assets, in which case, they would also be able to feel more comfortable in their hearts.

  Charlie wade spoke at this time, “Grandpa, the matter of the An Family’s assets, I can promise you to accept them, but accepting them is not right now, after all, in the eyes of the Broken Qing Society, they don’t know of my existence yet, if the An Family directly gives all their assets to my name, I’m afraid that my identity, will be exposed without going out of the same day, so you will first help me to hold them on behalf of the An Family, and then give them to me when I have resolved the Broken Qing Society. “

  An Qishan sniffed and gently nodded.

  He also knew that with something like assets, verbal promises were meaningless.

  To give money, it had to be given to the other party’s account;

  To give shares or real estate, it has to be changed to the other party’s name.

  However, Charlie wade’s identity was really not suitable to be exposed right now, and naturally, the An family couldn’t transfer the assets to his name right now, so regardless of whether Charlie wade really agreed or falsely agreed, the part of the assets that the An family was prepared to give him could only still be held by the An family.

  Thus, the old man then said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, you can keep these two Rejuvenation Pills for now, after you’ve resolved the Broken Qing Society and the An Family has honoured their promise, it won’t be too late for you to take them out and give them to Grandpa!”

  Charlie wade shook his head and said, “Grandpa, you just said that the Spring Returning Dan is my filial piety, and the asset is your heart, these two, no matter what, can’t be compared, my filial piety is not in exchange for your heart, why do you have to wait for your heart to arrive before you are willing to accept this filial piety of mine?”

  An Chongqiu on the side couldn’t help but advise, “Yes dad, the Spring Return Dan is Charlie’s filial piety to you and mum, why do you have to repeatedly shrug it off and politely reject it?”

  An Qishan looked at him and then at Charlie wade, let out a long sigh and said frankly, “Ai! To tell you the truth, I want this Rejuvenation Pill more than anyone else, after eating it, not only do I not have to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease anymore, but I can also live for at least ten or twenty more years, for someone of my age, this is the most precious thing in the world, there is no one ……”

  Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but say in shame, “However, when I think of Bruce and Chengqi’s murder, I failed to protect them or help them to take revenge, and then I think of Charlie’s suffering so much over these past 20 years, I am really ashamed in my heart, I am sorry for my daughter’s son-in-law, and for my grandchildren, but in the end, it was my grandson who saved my life thrice, and this makes me even more I am ashamed, if I accept this spring back dan, my life is there, but my face is gone ……”

  What An Qishan said, every sentence from the heart.

  Want but have no face to want, this is his current journey of the heart.

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