Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5788

In the face of the old man’s question, Charlie wade did not cover up and said generously, “Knowing that your body has not completely recovered, especially the situation of Alzheimer’s disease is not optimistic either, so before you and grandma came, I left a formation and a Rejuvenation Dan in the villa ahead of time, and the formation will slowly release the medicinal effect of the Rejuvenation Dan, so that all those who are living in it, their bodies will be able to improve and the more physically unfit they are, the more medicinal effects they can get.”

  The An family was stunned speechless, the old man opened his mouth to say something, but his vocal cords seemed to have stiffened in half, and he was unable to make a sound for a long time.

  Although the old master didn’t speak, tears were already flowing out of his eyes.

  The old lady on the side, at this time, had also become teary-eyed.

  When the sky-high price of $300 billion for the Spring Recovery Dan was offered by the An family, but even though An Chongqiu was willing to offer $300 billion, he was unable to buy one, and instead, he was even driven out by Charlie wade’s people.

  However, who would have thought that Charlie wade, for the sake of the old couple’s body, had long ago placed the Spring Recovery Dan worth 300 billion US dollars in advance in the villa of Wanliu Villa!

  Not only that, but now Charlie wade had taken out two more Rejuvenation Pills, which would be three Rejuvenation Pills! If it was really sold to the top tycoons, it would definitely be an astronomically huge amount of money!

  However, Charlie wade had directly given the three Rejuvenation Pills to the An Family, a move that moved the entire An Family beyond addition.

  After a long time, the old master murmured, “Charlie, you have been without parents since you were young, living alone in Aurous Hill, your grandparents haven’t done anything for you for twenty years, but you have done so much for us, and you don’t want to ask for the An Family’s assets, how can we repay this kindness …… “

  Charlie wade seriously said, “Grandpa, although I used to blame you and my grandfather’s family in my heart, but in the final analysis, you are all my relatives, between relatives, there can be grudges, but there shouldn’t be hatred, I have the ability to save you and the An family, it’s absolutely impossible to stand by and do nothing, or else, my parents’ souls in heaven will not be able to forgive me. “

  The old man was already in tears when he heard this.

  And the old lady on the side also couldn’t help but hold Charlie wade’s hand, crying, “Charlie, you’re right, we’re all relatives, if you can think like this, grandma really can die in peace.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Grandma you are overstating it.”

  After saying that, he once again handed the two Rejuvenation Dan to the two old men, and seriously said, “Grandpa and Grandma, saying all this, I just want to tell the two of you, the Rejuvenation Dan is certainly precious, but it is nothing to the health and longevity of the two of you, so the two of you can just feel free to take it without too much psychological burden.”

  An Chongqiu on the side also hurriedly advised, “Yes dad, mum, you two are old, dad’s body still has quite a lot of problems, you two most need this kind of miracle medicine to stabilise your body, moreover, this is also a piece of filial piety of Charlie, so you two shouldn’t excuse yourself anymore.”

  The old lady didn’t dare to make a decision without permission, so she looked at the old master with inquiring eyes.

  After hesitating for a second or third time, the old master looked at Charlie wade and spoke, “Charlie, Grandpa knows that this Rejuvenation Pill is a piece of your filial piety, and your grandma and I can accept it, but the shares and assets of the An Family, you must accept them all the same! Whether you have money or not, lack of money or not, ah, this is a piece of Grandpa and Grandma’s heart, we accept your filial piety, you accept our heart, this is the true meaning of family!”

  Charlie wade’s three uncles and sister-in-law nodded their heads in agreement, especially the second uncle Michael An, without thinking, he said, “Charlie, in the future, the An family assets and resources, are deployed at your discretion, the second uncle will give you a hand in the future, anything that you despite commanding the second uncle!”

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