Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5787

  Charlie wade’s three uncles and sister-in-law said in unison, “Dad, we don’t have an opinion!”

  Charlie wade spoke at this time, “Grandpa, the An Family’s properties are the An Family’s, not mine, I can’t accept these.”

  An Qishan waved his hand and said, “Charlie, Grandpa is not being polite to you, money is not important to the An Family, even if you are given 60%, you won’t be able to spend it all in the rest of your lifetimes, it’s just a number, but you are now going to fight against the Broken Qing Society, you need to improve your strength in all aspects, what’s more, this Broken Qing Society is not an enemy of you alone, it’s a common enemy for us as a family. The An Family’s money can also be used to maximum effect in your hands.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Grandpa, I appreciate your thoughts, but I really don’t lack money, what’s more, against the Broken Qing Society, just having money isn’t too useful.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade pulled out two Rejuvenation Dan from his pocket, and said blandly, “Look at these two Rejuvenation Dan, the price of one, it can be sold for one or two hundred billion, or even two or three hundred billion, and it’s still in US dollars, if I’m short of money, I can casually look for a few tycoons to trade in private, and I can also converge a large amount of wealth very quickly.”

  An Chongqiu looked at the Rejuvenation Dan and said with some embarrassment, “Oops, this is the Rejuvenation Dan that I didn’t buy at the time when I asked for more than three hundred billion US dollars ah ……”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Exactly.”

  After saying that, he handed these two pills to his grandparents and spoke, “Grandparents, these two pills, are a little bit of my grandson’s intention, please accept them, you are old and your body has many ailments, take it and you will be able to extend your life by at least twenty years.”

  Charlie wade’s grandparents both subconsciously flashed their bodies backwards, grandma said in a loud voice, “Charlie, this thing is very expensive, you can exchange it for a huge amount of money at any time if you keep it, giving it to the two of us, it’s too wasteful.”

  Grandmother An Qishan also nodded her head and said, “Charlie, you’ve already let Stephanie send Grandpa an elixir once last time, which saved Grandpa’s life, so how can Grandpa still ask for your elixir, what’s more, ever since Grandpa came to Aurous Hill, his body has obviously improved a lot, even his Alzheimer’s disease has been greatly alleviated, and your grandmother’s body is very hardy, so this Rejuvenating Spring Elixir mustn’t be wasted on the two of us.”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “When you said that your body has improved greatly after coming to Aurous Hill, it was the days when you stayed at the Ten Thousand Willows Villa that improved, right?”

  ”Right.” An Qishan nodded and said, “It was after living in the Ten Thousand Willows Villa that my body improved significantly, it’s not just me, your grandmother also had a very significant improvement, your uncle and the others are the same, it’s said that your grandmother got a Greg Tianshi to read the feng shui for that villa, I didn’t believe in all this before, but this time, I’m really convinced.”

  Charlie wade said blandly, “The fact that Wan Liu Villa can make your and your grandmother’s and other people’s bodies improve significantly actually has little to do with feng shui, feng shui can change a person’s fortune, as well as the aura of the body, but it hasn’t had such an immediate effect.”

  An Qishan asked in surprise, “What’s that about?”

  Charlie wade shrugged and laughed, “When Tianshi Greg went there to look at the feng shui, I also followed him, knowing that you are not in good health, and that grandma is getting old, so I left a formation and a Rejuvenation Pill there, the basic logic is that the formation controls the medicinal power of the Rejuvenation Pill, allowing it to be slowly released inside the villa, and then being absorbed by the people inside the villa.”

  The An family members were dumbfounded as they listened, and the old man exclaimed, “Charlie …… you …… you left a Rejuvenation Dan worth 300 billion US dollars in that house?!”

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