Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5786

  An Youyou’s eyes turned red, cried and went forward to hold Charlie wade in her arms, choking, “Little Auntie has been looking forward to this for so many years, and has finally brought our family Wade’s son back, our family Wade’s son has grown up, and has a great ability, your parents will be very proud of you in heaven’s spirit ……”

  An Youyouyou is the youngest in the An family, and is naturally the most favoured.

  Pro sister brought her up from a young age, is considered half a mother, and the three brothers also since needless to say, to her all kinds of pampering.

  Although the oldest of the two is the oldest An Chengqi, but after all, An Chengqi’s independence is early, and her character is strong, so her parents have to give her respect in all aspects of the adult, and even listen to her opinions and suggestions, so naturally, it is inconvenient to spoil her, and so the old couple will be two daughters of the pampering, are focused on An Youyou’s body.

  However, An Youyou is not a bully, but is the most intimate little daughter and little sister in this family, and she has been deeply influenced by her sister since childhood, and is closest to her sister in her heart, even though her sister has already passed away for twenty years, and she is already older than her sister was when she was alive, but when she thinks of An Chengqi, she will still be stirred up by the shadow of that little girl deep inside her heart.

  So much so that when she saw Charlie wade now, her heart unconsciously recalled all the times she was pampered by her sister, and her heart suddenly became sad.

  An Qishan looked at Li Yalin again at this moment, and said with a puff of air, “Charlie, I won’t introduce this son of a bitch, Yalin, to you, he knows your current identity before we do.”

  Li Yalin knew that An Qishan was more or less complaining about the fact that he hadn’t been honest about Charlie wade’s identity, so he said with a helpless face, “Uncle An, Mr Wade is my saviour, without him, I would have either gone into the ground by now or would still be frozen in a tank of liquid nitrogen, and Mr Wade explicitly requested that I not disclose his identity, so you said that I couldn’t go back on my word to the person who saved me, couldn’t I? “

  An Qishan gave him a blank look and said, “I don’t really blame you kid, I know you did the right thing, but I’m just a little bit unhappy, and you won’t allow me to be unhappy?”

  ”Allow allow ……” Li Yalin nodded his head repeatedly and said, “Uncle An, in fact, I didn’t say nothing, before we chatted, I didn’t always tell you implicitly, looking for Charlie in Aurous Hill, there is a great possibility, and that orphanage I also said, “I’m not really blaming you. possibility, and that orphanage I also gave you an analysis, the suspicion is great ……”

  ”Yes ……” An Qishan said in exasperation: “You are to us to analyse, but you analyse is also too late, you say half an hour later, Charlie themselves are killed in!”

  Li Yalin unspeakably embarrassed hehehe smile, scratched his head and said, “Oops, this thing, I also did not expect …… “

  An Qishan waved his hand, “Alright, I won’t break up this matter with you, you know that your uncle didn’t blame you in his heart.”

  After saying that, he didn’t wait for Li Yalin to open his mouth, he immediately cleared his throat and said aloud, “Since Charlie has returned, and everyone in the An family is here today, I will announce a decision in front of everyone.”

  Once everyone heard this, they all looked at the old man, waiting for his next words.

  An Qishan spoke, “From today, 60% of the An Family’s assets in all fields will be divested to Charlie’s name.”

  Saying this, An Qishan added, “You guys don’t make any comments first, let me tell you the reasons for my decision, there are three reasons, firstly, at least half of the An Family’s current assets were earned back by Charlie’s mother; secondly, Charlie has been away from home for so many years, our An Family was already indebted to him; and thirdly, Charlie saved the An Family twice, he’s a benefactor to the An Family. What do you guys mean?”

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