Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5784

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “All along, I have always felt that my parents went to Aurous Hill back then because they fell out with grandpa as well as the entire Wade family, and had no choice but to settle in Aurous Hill, so in my perception all along, I have always felt that it was my grandpa and the Wade family, who drove my parents out of the house, which led to their subsequent murder, and that they were the ones who indirectly killed my mum and dad, so for a quite a long time, I was very hateful towards Grandpa’s family.”

  Li Yalin spoke up at this time, “Uncle An, Auntie An, back then, Chengqi and the two of them, they must have prepared for Charlie in advance and left a good way back for him, otherwise, Charlie wouldn’t have been able to be safely transferred by Bruce’s men on the day of their accident and Bruce arranged for people to arrange for Charlie to be placed in the orphanage, and in advance, he replaced all the people in the entire orphanage with his own henchmen, this move was simply ingenious to the extreme, directly concealing it from all those who tried to find Charlie, which is sufficient proof that he had already planned everything long ago.”

  Saying that, Li Yalin seriously said, “So, going back to the question that Yo Yo just said, I think that Chengqi and Bruce not only had their own arrangements for bringing Charlie to Aurous Hill, they also had their own secrets that they didn’t know about.”

  An Qishan muttered, “I still have some trouble figuring …… out even if he has arranged everything, but what is the purpose of doing so?”

  ”No matter how good the arrangements are, there is still the risk of making a mistake, and facing such a powerful opponent, once a mistake is made, it can be a matter of life and death, and then thinking of remedying it, there will be absolutely no chance;”

  ”What’s more, the object of this adventure is not someone else, it’s his own flesh and blood!”

  ”According to normal human thinking, if something has the potential to lead to death, no one would be willing to put their child through such a risk, but he and Chengqi preferred to let Charlie take this risk, isn’t this a bit irresponsible?”

  Charlie wade at this time, however, said with a bashful face, “Grandpa, I believe that dad naturally has his reasons for doing this, and I also don’t feel that he’s being irresponsible to me by doing this;”

  ”Everything has the risk of death, driving a child out has the risk of a car accident, taking a child swimming has the risk of drowning, giving a child something to eat contains the risk of choking to death, what parents need to consider is not to avoid all risks 100%, in front of the risk, whether this thing is still worth doing or not;”

  ”I believe that very few parents, in order to avoid car accidents do not take their children out of the house, and even more unlikely to choke on food and watch their children starve to death, so I think they must have their reasons and justifications for doing so in the first place;”

  ”And I believe that they must have done it for my own good.”

  An Qishan froze for a moment, and gently nodded: “Charlie you have a point, your parents, although they were both very young back then, both of them were people with great wisdom, and this kind of ability and creation that you have nowadays is definitely not something that can be cultivated in a greenhouse;”

  ”Whether they handed you over to the Wade Family or the An Family to raise you as an adult in the first place, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for you to grow up to be the person you are today, perhaps your parents had this foresight back then, and foreseen in advance how you would develop today.”

  At this time, Li Yalin, who was on the side, suddenly asked Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, since your parents have already mastered certain relatively magical powers, or have already felt the veins of them, is there some sort of connection with the powers you later mastered?”

  Charlie wade was slightly stunned by his question, and an appalling thought suddenly came to his mind, “Could it be that it was not by chance that I obtained the Nine Metaphysical Heavenly Scriptures? If it wasn’t by chance, then what kind of causal relationship was it that allowed me to obtain this inheritance twenty years after my parents’ death?!”

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