Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5783

Li Yalin’s words enlightened everyone at once.

  The An family hadn’t thought about it for so many years, but they hadn’t figured out why Bruce, who was extremely scribal and gentlemanly, had rudely clashed with the Rothschild family back then.

  Even Charlie wade couldn’t figure out why his father was an enemy of the Rothschild family, and for a long time, Charlie wade even thought that the culprit who killed his parents was this rich super family.

  However, after talking so much with Grandpa’s family and Li Yalin today, he truly understood that the reason why his father had to do this back then was just to give himself a suitable opportunity to draw a line with the Wade family, and even with the An family.

  The odds were that he and his mother had already realised the imminent danger they were facing at that time, and drawing a line with both families was inevitably to protect them as well.

  An Qishan couldn’t help but burst into tears and choked, ”Bruce and Chengjing, these two silly children, why did they prefer to die that year rather than seek help from us …… I, as a father, not only didn’t realise that they were in great danger back then, but I even kept on complaining quite a bit about their estrangement from their family …… Only now do I realise that they were just unwilling to drag us down back then ……”

  Li Yalin opened his mouth and comforted, “Uncle An, you don’t have to blame yourself too much, Chengqi and his couple, back then, they should have known very clearly that even if the two families, the An family and the Wade family, were put together, they couldn’t possibly be the rivals of the Broken Clearance Society, and since that’s the case, how could they drag their family members into suffering for themselves.”

  ”Yes ……,” the old lady also couldn’t help but sigh with red eyes, “Chengqi has a strong character, and since she was a child, when she encountered any difficulties, she didn’t want to talk to her family, and the reason why the An family’s wealth was able to expand rapidly twenty or thirty years ago was all because of her in Silicon Valley The reason why the An family’s wealth was able to expand rapidly two or three decades ago was all due to her planning and planning in Silicon Valley, but when she went to China with Bruce, she didn’t take a penny away from her family. ……”

  The old lady’s words made the An family’s mood even heavier.

  The An family siblings had always been united, and to them, their family was far more important than money.

  Therefore, even though An Chengqi had passed away more than twenty years ago, they still couldn’t get over it in their hearts.

  Now that they had analysed that they had distanced themselves from the family because they were in danger and did not want to involve their family, they were even more saddened in their hearts.

  Just as everyone was silent, Charlie wade’s sister-in-law, An Youyou suddenly spoke up, “I can understand my sister and brother-in-law not wanting to involve the two families, but why did they bring Charlie along with them?”

  The crowd was startled out of their senses by her words.

  And they immediately realised that An Youyou was right.

  Since the two of them, the husband and wife, were not even willing to involve their own family back then, why did they bring their only son with them?

  They had most likely already made up their minds to die back then, but since they knew they were going to die, it was all the more reason why they shouldn’t have brought Charlie wade, who was just eight years old at the time, with them.

  If it was according to human nature, at that time, one would definitely try to do everything possible to send their son to a farther and safer place to make sense.

  However, the husband and wife duo favoured bringing Charlie wade along with them to Aurous Hill after they had fallen out with the Wade family.

  This was indeed a bit unbelievable and incomprehensible when one thought about it.

  An Qishan was also a bit puzzled at this moment, he looked at Charlie wade, frowned and said, “YoYo is right …… Charlie is their only bloodline, the more dangerous the time, the more they have to send their son far away, but why did they bring Charlie to Aurous Hill as well… …”

  After saying that, he asked Charlie wade, “Charlie, do you still remember the details before and after your parents took you to Aurous Hill?”

  Charlie wade thought for a moment and spoke, “It was more than half a year before and after, too many details I can’t remember, but now that I think about it, I don’t think of anything more strange.”

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