Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5782

  Charlie wade asked again, “Then do you know where this book went afterwards?”

  ”I don’t know ……,” An Chongqiu continued to shake his head, “After your parents studied that book, they ran off to China not knowing what they were doing, where the book actually went, I’m not very clear.”

  Charlie wade nodded, it seemed that his parents leaving the United States to go back to Huaxia in the first place was not what he had thought before.

  Previously, because of Charlie wade’s memories of Grandpa being colder towards his father, he had always thought that his parents had resolutely returned to Eastcliff back then because of Grandpa’s various pressures, laying the groundwork for their future murder.

  But now it seems that they should be in the United States by chance to get the “Jiu Xuan Jing Preface”, after studying the book, the two people made the decision to return to China, and their real motive to return to China, should be to explore the mysteries of the “Jiu Xuan Jing Preface”.

  The secret of longevity that Jaro Bo mentioned before his death might be related to the clues drawn out by the Preface of the Jiu Xuan Scriptures.

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade suddenly thought of a detail, so he opened his mouth and asked An Qishan, “Right Grandpa, back then, before my parents left Eastcliff for Aurous Hill, they had a lot of unpleasantness with the Wade family, it was said that it was because of a slight conflict with the Rothschild family, have you heard about this matter?”

  ”Yes.” An Qishan said, “Your father did have some problems with the Rothschild family back then, the version widely rumoured in the outside world is that the Rothschild family wants to take root in China and expand its interests in China, so it has been fighting with the major families in China, your father gathered many families at that time and declared war on the Rothschild family together, and after a few rounds of fighting with the Rothschild family, the Rothschild family withdrew from the Chinese market. , the Rothschild family withdrew from China, and at the same time held a grudge against your father.”

  Charlie wade frowned, “You said it was the version that was widely rumoured in the outside world, what about the actual situation?”

  An Qishan smacked his lips and said, “The actual situation is very subtle, as far as I know, the Rothschild family didn’t want to target those big families in China at first, they originally just wanted to engage in joint ventures with domestic families in several popular fields, and even took the initiative to show goodwill to your dad, but as a result …… “

  Said this, An Qishan sighed, helpless: “The results of your father came up to give them a financial invasion of the hat, and then rely on their own influence, assembled a large number of financial and material resources to give them a downward spiral, and then the head of the Rothschild family Asia-Pacific region also took the initiative to go to Eastcliff to visit him, the results of the two words did not say good, directly by your father slapped, and finally came out from your father’s office, the Rothschild family is the most important thing. Finally came out from your dad’s office, covered his face and went to Eastcliff airport, directly took a plane back to the United States to find the head of the Rothschild family to complain.”

  Charlie wade listened to the dumbfounded, off the top of his head: “Negotiation talk bad slapped each other, this should not be my father’s style of action, right?”

  An Qishan nodded, “Indeed it is not your dad’s style, but the slap was indeed drawn by your dad’s own hand.”

  Charlie wade was even more confused and muttered, “I have the impression that my dad is still a very gentlemanly person, how could he take action with the other party?”

  The crowd was also confused, An Qishan smacked his lips and said, “At that time, the person in charge of the Rothschild family, the phone calls complaining about it all came to me, and I couldn’t figure out why your dad would do that.”

  Li Yalin asked curiously at this time, “Uncle An, what year was it when you said that Ye Changyao slapped the head of the Rothschild family’s Asia-Pacific region?”

  An Qishan thought for a moment and said, “It was a few months before their accident, I think, and it was because of this incident that Bruce was kicked out of the house by the Wade family.”

  Li Yalin suddenly said, “When he did this, was he deliberately angering the Rothschild family, deliberately creating an opportunity for himself to be kicked out by the Wade family? I think that he might have sensed the danger at that time and deliberately used this method to draw a line with the Wade family!”

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