Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5781

  Charlie wade seriously said, “I can’t understand this matter either, with their strength, if they want to kill all the people in the An Family, they only need to send out one or two true masters to easily achieve it, but for the past 20 years or so, they have been dragging their feet for twenty years without making a move, I also can’t figure out why they have suddenly made a move against the An Family recently. “

  Charlie wade’s second uncle, Michael An, spoke up at this time, “Could it be that the An Family has something they’ve always wanted to get?”

  The old man asked back, “What would it be if it is?”

  Michael An shook his head and said helplessly, “Dad, I haven’t figured out exactly what it is, I’m just suggesting a possibility so that we can see if there are any clues to add.”

  The old man frowned tightly, thought for half a day, and spoke, “When my condition worsened before, I couldn’t remember anything at all after your sister’s death, but the memories of the years before your sister’s death became clearer and clearer in my mind, so I carefully recalled the time from the time when your sister followed your sister’s brother-in-law to Eastcliff for quite a long period of time, all the way up to the time when I met with your sister in those years before she passed away. In the years before your sister’s death, I recalled every detail of my meetings with your sister. ……”

  ”During those years, your sister basically lived in China all the time, only bringing Charlie back to visit her family during the holidays every year, during this period your sister didn’t tell us anything strange, nor did she entrust us with anything for us to keep, all the way up to the last time she went back to the United States a year before she passed away, she also just told us something about the Broken Clear Society. But also did not give us anything ……”

  ”So what I can’t understand is what exactly is the Broken Clear Society staring at us for twenty years?”

  Charlie wade’s third uncle, An Zhaonan, who hadn’t said anything all this time, then opened his mouth somewhat doubtfully and asked, “Dad, could it be that they thought that my sister would leave us something, and they spent twenty years finally confirming that my sister hadn’t left us anything useful to them, so they were so annoyed that they wanted to kill us.”

  An Qishan thought for a moment and spoke, “The kind of thing you said is theoretically tenable, but again, I don’t think they should be that stupid, they are so powerful, how could they need twenty years to confirm such a small thing?”

  ”According to Tatsu’er’s statement, there is a huge disparity between their strength and ours, for them to secretly observe us for 20 years is like a person who has nothing better to do than squatting on the ground and staring at an ant for 20 years just to pass the time, it’s completely illogical, so there has to be a motivation behind it that can match these 20 years of time and energy that they’ve invested in it. “

  An Zhaonan gently nodded and said, “Dad you have a point ……”

  An Qishan looked towards Li Yalin and spoke, “Yalin, you are a famous Chinese detective, what are your thoughts on this matter?”

  Li Yalin spoke, “From my experience of solving cases for so many years, the bigger the case, the more time is needed to do the preliminary preparations, just like the analogy you just made Uncle An, the possibility of a person staring at ants and studying them for 20 years just to pass the time is slim to none, and if he has really been studying ants for 20 years, it’s very likely that his purpose is to study a way to to exterminate ants completely, so I agree with you that they must have a great motive.”

  Saying that, Li Yalin added, “As for why they are making a move against the An Family now, I think there are two possibilities, one is that according to their planning, they are just going to make a move now to achieve their true purpose, while the other is that they originally hadn’t wanted to make a move right now, and it’s because of certain other reasons that have forced them to make a move ahead of time.”

  Charlie wade pondered for a moment and asked An Chongqiu, “Great Uncle, did you read that Nine Xuan Scriptures Preface back then?”

  An Chongqiu shook his head and said, “I wasn’t interested in these things at that time at all, so I didn’t pay attention to it.”

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