Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5780

Charlie wade had originally planned to go to Zijinshan Manor to meet Lin Wan’er after having dinner with his grandparents, so he was in no hurry to find out the specifics about the Ascending Dragon Fate from Lin Wan’er.

  He was still in a state of shock about his parents’ past.

  After he had heard from his great uncle that his parents had once studied something similar to the preface of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures more than twenty years ago, Charlie wade felt that his perception of his parents had undergone another drastic change.

  He had never imagined that his parents had also dabbled deeply in the matter of cultivation.

  What’s more, he had never thought that his parents had obtained the prologue of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures more than twenty years ago.

  To Charlie wade, the impact was comparable to a nuclear bomb explosion!

  His father had obtained the preamble to the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, or the Nine Xuan Scriptures Preface, by chance, and he himself had bypassed this preamble and obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures by chance twenty years later in the Jiqing Hall ……

  Is there really such a coincidence in the world?

  If these two books were not coincidences, then could it be that there was some kind of inevitable connection?

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade was shocked and couldn’t help but feel a little chilled at the back.

  After his parents had passed away for so many years, he had coincidentally embarked on the path that they had not finished, could it be that the heavens had arranged this to allow himself to inherit his parents’ legacy?

  But if this is really the case, then why did his parents not mention a word to him back then?

  Doubtful to the point, he couldn’t help but ask An Chongqiu: “Great uncle, did my parents ever say that they got into trouble with anyone or any organisation?”

  An Chongqiu said, “A year before your mother passed away, once when she brought you back to the United States to visit your grandparents, she once told me about it, she said that she and your father had offended a very old organisation because they were exploring a very important matter.”

  Charlie wade hurriedly pursued, “What is this organisation called?”

  Before An Chongqiu could answer, the old man on the side, An Qishan, spoke up, “Charlie, your mother said back then that the organisation that she and your father had offended was called the Broken Qing Society, and she told me at the time that it was an organisation that had already been established from the end of the Ming Dynasty and had been developed all the way up to the modern day, and that it was very strong; “

  ”However, I didn’t take it too seriously at that time, because the Qing Gang, the Hongmen, these organisations have a history of hundreds of years, but they are just a little bit more famous, there is nothing that can really come up with hard power, and your mother said at that time that the leader of this organisation has probably been alive for more than three hundred years, so I think it’s even more of a nonsense story, and I didn’t put it in my heart! ……”

  Speaking here, the old man said with great remorse: “At that time, if I took what your mother said seriously, perhaps the situation is another situation ……”

  An Chongqiu also could not help but sigh: “Yes …… at that time we did not take my sister’s words seriously, always felt that she may be following her brother-in-law to study those who have no, some go into the devil, but never thought that she said a lot of unthinkable things, and now it seems to be fulfilled. “

  Charlie wade saw the old man’s remorseful and incomparable appearance, those previous complaints were also relieved for the most part in a moment, so he opened his mouth and comforted, “Grandpa, you don’t need to blame yourself, with the strength of the Broken Qing Society, if the entire An Family was involved, instead, it was possible that the An Family could have suffered extinction more than 20 years ago, the strength of the Ice Breaking Society is far more than what you can imagine, if they want to deal with the An Family, it can be said to be as easy as a slap in the face.”

  The old man let out a sigh and spoke, “Their strength, I have already learnt about it last time in New York, I really didn’t think that they could take so long to place an undercover agent beside us, what’s even more frightening is that she met, fell in love, got married, and gave birth to a child with your third uncle, everything was so watertight, and it was simply impossible to see any breaks in the process. This thing I think of now, will still be back cold, what people will use such a long time to plan a conspiracy? Moreover, they have been able to see through to the heavens, our An family what virtue and what ability, will even be missed by them for so long.”

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