Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5778

The An family knew that their “benefactor” was the same as the Flynn family’s “benefactor”.

  However, when An Chongqiu knew that the big man behind the scenes was his nephew, who had been missing for twenty years, he still felt a little unbelievable.

  Charlie wade did not hide anything, said lightly: “When the Spring Cleansing Dan auction, Flynn old man intended to buy a Spring Cleansing Dan, but did not expect to be son took advantage of the opportunity to seize the power, I have more or less some friendship with Miss Flynn, so they helped their grandparents and grandchildren a hand.”

  An Chongqiu gently nodded and sighed: “It’s really unexpected ah …… this great nephew of mine, actually has such a heavenly ability, really not a pool of things!”

  Li Yalin, who hadn’t said anything, spoke up at this time, “Chongqiu, don’t forget that even my life was saved by Mr Wade.”

  ”Yes yes yes.” An Chongqiu came back to his senses and spoke, “It’s truly divine! I used to listen to my brother-in-law talk about these strange forces and God’s things still some disdain, always think that he is a good reader, a good young talent in the field of finance, idle nothing every day to study what cultivation, inheritance, destiny is simply not doing his job, now it seems that the original he has already peeped into the mystery of it, no wonder it is so firm …… “

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask: “Great uncle, you said that my father has been researching cultivation inheritance and fate?”

  ”Right!” An Chongqiu nodded and said, “When your father was in the United States with your mother, he started to study these has-beens, I didn’t believe it at that time, and I always felt that what the two of them were studying was much the same as the qigong of that year.”

  Charlie wade busily asked, “Great uncle, can you tell us in detail exactly what happened? What kind of opportunity did my dad start researching these things because of?”

  An Chongqiu thought for a moment and opened his mouth, “This is a long story, when your dad was in the United States, to be honest, I quite admired him, at that time, I had just graduated from the university not long ago, and I followed him every day to learn something useful, your dad is a very good learner, in addition to financial management related content, he also likes to study some antique artefacts as well as ancient documents; “

  ”He would often keep an eye on the antique market as well as the auction market in the United States at that time, if he came across any cultural relics lost out of the country, he would try his best to auction them off and donate them to the museums in the country, but there was one time he bought a set of antique books in an antique shop in New York, and ended up locking himself up in his study and reading them for three days;”

  ”Those three days, he didn’t eat or drink, and didn’t take a step out of the study door, after three days, your mother saw that something was wrong, she wanted to go in and persuade him, and as a result, your mother also followed to look at it, and it was day and night ……”

  Said here, An Chongqiu can not help but sigh, lamented: “You can not imagine how crazy they both, the two together back to the living suite to study that set of books, research for three whole months, those three months, two people with the seclusion as if, the door of the room a step does not come out, eat and drink, let the subordinates put at the door… …”

  Charlie wade was surprised, and asked offhandedly, “Great uncle, what was the name of the book my parents were reading, do you still remember?”

  An Chongqiu thought for a moment and spoke, “If I remember correctly, it should be called Nine Whatsit Sutra Preface, four words, but I can’t remember the second one.”

  Charlie wade’s eyes widened, and subconsciously asked, “Great Uncle, is it Nine Xuan?”

  An Chongqiu came to a realisation and said, “Yes, yes, yes! It is called the Nine Xuan! Nine Xuan Scripture Preface, it sounds strange and weird, I thought it was a scripture at first, but as a result, your father said that it was the key to open the door to another world, I always thought he was bewitched ……”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but murmur, “Which sequence is the Nine Xuan Scriptures Sequence …… sequence?”

  An Chongqiu casually said, “The preface of the preface, the preface of the Lanting Collection Preface.”

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