Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5777

  Charlie wade shook his head and said, “Grandmother, even if she comes back, I probably won’t bring her to meet you and Grandfather.”

  The old lady was puzzled and asked, “Why, Charlie? Are you still complaining about your grandpa in your heart?”

  Charlie wade shook his head slightly and spoke, “Grandmother, my wife she …… doesn’t know my true identity yet.”

  The people present were all wide-eyed.

  No one expected that Charlie wade’s wife, who had been married for four years, would not know his true identity.

  The old lady couldn’t help but ask, “Charlie, you’ve been married to that girl surnamed Wilson for four years, how come she still doesn’t know your identity?”

  Charlie wade laughed at himself and said, “When she first married me, I was useless, still moving bricks and cement at the construction site, then when I got married, I joined the Wilson family, and in the eyes of the Wilson family, I was just a low-end population who came from an orphanage, didn’t go to any school and didn’t have any real skills, and at that time, I was happy to have this feeling of no one’s attention and no one’s interest, so I have never shown my Wilson family’s Identity ……”

  Speaking here, Charlie wade added: “Later, Stephen Thompson found me and gave me a sum of money and a company, and I, myself, had a few special encounters, and a little bit of it led me to today, but during this period of time, I didn’t think of how to talk to Claire about me, so fortunately, I’ve been hiding it and didn’t let her know.”

  Grandmother contemplated for a moment, nodded with great understanding, and sighed, “Seeing true love in times of trouble, when you had nothing, she was still able to marry you and not give up, this is truly remarkable.”

  Saying that, she couldn’t help but ask with some anticipation, “Charlie, since you’ve been married for four years, wouldn’t you already have a child?”

  Everyone else also looked at Charlie wade with an expectant expression, hoping to hear the happy news from his mouth.

  Charlie wade awkwardly touched his nose, “Grandmother, we don’t want a child for the time being ……”

  The crowd was a little stunned and at the same time a little disappointed.

  Old Master An Qishan hurriedly changed the topic and said to Charlie wade, “Right Charlie, Grandpa will introduce you to your three uncles and sister-in-law, after not seeing them for so many years, they have changed a lot, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to recognise them.”

  An Qishan started with An Chongqiu and introduced, “Charlie, this is your great uncle, you should have had contact some time ago.”

  Charlie wade nodded and said with a bashful face, “Great uncle came to Aurous Hill to attend the Rejuvenation Pill Auction, at that time, I was staring at the back with real-time surveillance.”

  An Chongqiu smiled twice and said, “I guessed that you were the one who kicked me out, and sure enough, I didn’t wrong you kid!”

  Charlie wade smiled and said seriously, “Great uncle, there are state laws and family rules, the first rule of the Hui Chun Dan Auction is that no one is allowed to take away the Hui Chun Dan, on that day, great uncle was indeed a little bit anxious, my nephew did his job according to the rules, please don’t blame great uncle.”

  An Chongqiu hurriedly said, “I don’t have any intention of wanting to raise an offence, at that time it was indeed me who violated the rules of the auction, and I deserved to be kicked out.”

  Saying that, An Chongqiu curiously asked, “Charlie, regarding the auction, great uncle only has one question that is more curious, I wonder if you can tell great uncle about it?”

  Charlie wade nodded, “Great Uncle please ask.”

  An Chongqiu asked, “Did you know my identity at that time?”

  ”No.” Charlie wade said truthfully, “Great Uncle used Huo Yuanzheng’s name at that time, I didn’t suspect too much, it was Flynn Garet, the Flynn family’s oldest son, who told me about your identity.”

  An Chongqiu nodded gently and murmured, “So that’s how …… “

  Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of the Flynn Family’s previous changes and couldn’t help but ask, “Charlie, the huge changes in the Flynn Family before, could it be because of you?”

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