Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5776

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “I won’t hide it from Grandpa, after Mom and Dad’s accident, Stephen Thompson arranged for me to be placed in the orphanage, and the orphanage has been hiding my true identity.”

  Elder An couldn’t help but sigh, “It seems that I still underestimated your father’s ability, I’m afraid that only your father would think of such a bold blackout under the lamp.”

  Speaking here, he said with great relief, “I used to think that your father might just be the most capable young talent I’ve ever encountered, but I never thought that you, Charlie, would be able to outshine the blue, if not for the fact that you’ve always been secretly helping out, I’m afraid that me and your grandmother, as well as your sister-in-laws and uncles, would’ve already been dead.”

  Charlie wade seriously said, “Grandpa don’t need to be so polite, I have half of the An Family’s bloodline in me, so no matter what, I won’t sit back and do nothing to the An Family.”

  Elder An’s eyes turned red, choking, he said, “Last time when Grandpa was critically ill, Stephanie suddenly sent a life-saving elixir, that elixir, I think it was also you, Charlie, who asked Stephanie to send it, right?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “At that time, when I heard that Grandpa was seriously ill, and I was not in a position to step forward, I let Stephanie rush over with the elixir, and luckily she arrived in time.”

  ”Ai ……” Elder An let out a long sigh, stretching out three fingers, and said in a trembling voice, “Charlie, counting that time, Grandpa owes you three lives, three!”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Grandpa, these are just a show of hands for me, you don’t have to take it to heart.”

  ”How can that be!” Elder An said offhandedly, “Charlie, you are the lifesaver of the entire An Family, the An Family will definitely do everything to repay you!”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and laughed, “Grandpa, it’s too much of an honour for you to say that.”

  The old lady at the side hurriedly said, “Qishan, Charlie just arrived, let’s talk about these things slowly later!”

  Saying that, and not waiting for the old man to speak, she hurriedly asked him, “Charlie, since you’ve already recognised Stephanie long ago, why didn’t you bring her along? Grandma really likes her!”

  Charlie wade said, “Stephanie is still on a concert tour in the US, she should be back in China in a few days, I will bring her to meet you and Grandpa then.”

  The old lady nodded repeatedly and said, “Good! Good! Wonderful! Charlie, this girl, Stephanie, is really the only good girl that Grandma has ever seen in her life, and she’s the fiancée that your mother had booked for you some years ago, so you’d better finish the marriage with Stephanie as soon as possible, for you it’s a love match, and for us it’s witnessing a pair of heavenly match, and on top of that, your parents will definitely be very pleased in heaven as well!”

  Charlie wade said, “Grandma, I’ve already been married.”

  ”Ah?” The old lady asked in surprise, “Married? With whom?”

  Charlie wade said, “The daughter of the Wilson family in Aurous Hill, Claire.”

  The old lady was even more surprised.

  She was the mistress of the world’s number one Chinese family, with a segment so high that it was beyond the reach of any family in the country, where would she have heard of any Aurous Hill Wilson family.

  So, the old lady asked him, “Charlie, when did you get married?”

  ”Four years ago.” Charlie wade seriously said, “Right when I had nothing and was worthless.”

  The old lady had some regrets, but seeing Charlie wade’s firm tone when he spoke, she knew that he was still very satisfied with his wife, so she hurriedly asked, “Charlie, where is my grandson’s daughter-in-law? Why didn’t you bring her along for Grandma to meet?”

  Charlie wade said, “When I learnt that you all were coming to Aurous Hill the other day, I had a feeling that there might be danger, so I sent her off to America.”

  The old lady nodded and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, it’s not too late to see her again when she comes back!”

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