Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5771

  She knew that the other layer of meaning of the master saying this was that her own nature was not upright enough and there was still a big gap between her and her elder brother, which made her heart even more displeased.

  Lin Yilu at this time but did not want to accept that ring, hastily refused: “Master, you have already helped the disciple too much, this ring, the disciple can not accept ……”

  Meng Changsheng smiled indifferently and threw the ring towards Lin Yilu, the ring suddenly disappeared in the air, and in the next second, it was already on Lin Yilu’s finger.

  Lin Yilu still did not want to understand the reason, Meng Changsheng opened his mouth and said, “Yilu, the ring has recognised you as the main, you will be well received, in the future, if you really meet with misfortune, this ring may also be able to save your life.”

  After saying that, the two cranes Meng Changsheng had raised suddenly came in, the two cranes stood on Meng Changsheng’s two sides, rubbing their necks against his body constantly, constantly emitting whimpering cries.

  Meng Changsheng stretched out his hands and stroked the two cranes, then stood up and spoke, “Master’s time has come, so go away, leave this place and don’t come back again.”

  Lin Yilu burst into tears and choked, “Master, disciple wants to send you on your last journey!”

  Meng Changsheng waved his hand, “Master has been cultivating here for hundreds of years, this is not only Master’s cave, but also the grave where Master sits.”

  After saying that, he looked at the two Immortal Cranes and faintly said, “Having them accompany me is enough.”

  After saying that, Meng Changsheng suddenly stretched out his right hand and waved his sleeve, Lin Yilu and Wu Fiona instantly saw a blackness before their eyes, and immediately after, the two of them were surprised to find that they had instantly returned to the cave where they had meditated and cultivated before.

  Lin Yilu shouted, “Master!”

  After saying that, he hurriedly ran out of the cave, but the original cave where the master teacher had been cultivating and residing, had instantly disappeared without a trace, and that huge cave had completely disappeared, as if it had never appeared in general.

  Lin Yilu’s face was appalled, not understanding what had happened.

  And at this time, in the valley, suddenly echoed a few mournful cranes, followed by the sound of the cranes all the way to the west, feeling more and more distant.

  Lin Yilu knew that his master had already sat down in place and sailed away to the west, and all of a sudden, he knelt down on the ground and choked, “Master …… Yilu pays tribute to your preaching grace!”

  Saying this, he heavily kowtowed three times.

  At this moment, Wu Fiona’s voice sounded behind him, “Senior brother! Why are you worshipping that old bastard!”

  Lin Yilu turned his head at once, and roared with eyes wide open, “Fiona! What are you talking nonsense about! Why don’t you quickly slap your mouth!”

  ”Slap your mouth?” Wu Fiona said rather disdainfully, “That old bastard has been cultivating for a thousand years, and must have countless techniques, pills and magic weapons in his hands, and yet before he died, he only gave one pill to you and me, it’s really too much!”

  Lin Yilu angrily rebuked, “Nonsense! Master saved us, brought us into the Dao, and helped us fight against the Qing Dynasty, this kindness is like creating parents again, how can you say such treacherous words!”

  ”Am I wrong?!” Wu Fiona roared angrily, “He’s dying, and he’s still being so mean to you and me! What’s the point of keeping those techniques and treasures? Do you really want to hide them somewhere and wait for some kind of labourer with a destiny? To say that there is a destiny, could it be that you and I are not destined enough with him?!”

  Lin Yilu gritted his teeth and said, “Fiona, your remarks today have left me stupefied! I really didn’t expect you to be such a treacherous bastard!”

  Wu Fiona also had a stomach full of anger, so she said in a cold voice, “Senior brother, you don’t have to be towards that old thing either, now that he’s dead, the two of us should take this Ten Thousand Ancient Everlasting Green Pill, and then seize the time to raise our cultivation, so that we can find the goodies that this old thing hid at an early date!”

  Lin Yilu was disappointed to the extreme: “Fiona, from today onwards, I am no longer your senior brother, and you are no longer my senior sister, from today onwards, you Wu family members, I will only recognise Fernard alone, the others, no longer have any connection with me!”

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