Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5770

“Not enough fates?!”

  When Wu Fiona heard these four words, her brows furrowed and she asked offhandedly, “Master, what does it mean to have insufficient destiny?!”

  Meng Changsheng blandly said, “Er into the Tao time is too short, many cultivation people must touch things, Er still do not understand, in the future, if Er penetrate the I Ching Bagua, Er will know, people have a lot of destiny, destiny, is the key to determine everything.”

  Wu Fiona surprised to ask: “Master, what is fate?”

  Meng Changsheng said, “Fate, is the essence of man also, the specific fate, or for the heavenly stem and earthly branches, or for the birds and beasts;”

  ”The fate of all mortals is the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches, even if it’s the Manchu Emperor of the current dynasty, at most it’s a pole to the away from the Ming frame, and if you want to go against the heavens, at least if it’s a Tiger frame or a Python frame;”

  ”Further up, there is the Turtle, Phoenix, Kirin and Dragon, and even higher, the Rising Dragon;”

  ”The higher the fate frame, the smoother the journey of cultivation will be, and the greater the chance to change one’s fate against the heavens.”

  Speaking of this, Meng Changsheng sighed, “My Fate Grid, is the Qilin Grid, and although the Qilin is strong, it’s still far from enough if I really want to change my fate against the heavens.”

  Wu Fiona subconsciously asked, “Then what fate is enough?”

  Meng Changsheng sighed: “Want to change fate against the heavens, the Dragon Grid is but just an introduction, but even if it is the Dragon Grid, it only has the qualification to change fate against the heavens, but those who can really change fate against the heavens, in the Dragon Grid is also one in a hundred.”

  Speaking here, Meng Changsheng gave a slight beat and continued, “If it is a Rising Dragon Fate, the chances of success will be much higher.”

  Wu Fiona hurriedly asked, “Master, then what are the destinies of my senior brother and I?”

  Meng Changsheng blandly said, “Er and Yingru are both Tiger Fate, which is the lowest Fate amongst cultivators, Er and the other two, although it’s not difficult to enter the Dao, if you want to go very far, it’s just like a fool’s dream, for the Master and the other Master and disciple for a period of time, this elixir, is the chance I’m giving to Er and the other two.”

  Wu Fiona asked with a dishevelled expression, “Master, could it be that my senior brother and I don’t have enough destiny and you are unwilling to give us some more help? Outside the Qing dogs have almost unified the Central Plains, my senior brother and I are already weak, if we don’t have stronger techniques and magic weapons, I’m afraid it will be difficult to complete the anti-Qing cause ……”

  Meng Changsheng smiled and spoke, “Fiona, the teacher’s lifelong learning and magic weapon treasures, has long been settled, in the future, only the destiny higher than my fated person can have the opportunity to open, whoever can get it, who is my inheritor.”

  Wu Fiona expression could not help but flash through a few haze, she did not expect, the master saw the imminent end of his life, but he said such cruel words to himself, according to his words, he is not qualified to inherit his techniques and magic treasures at all, this one elixir, is already very much a face to himself.

  Wu Fiona’s heart was immediately depressed to the extreme, at this moment, her gratitude towards Meng Changsheng instantly vanished into thin air, and all that was left was intense unwillingness and hatred.

  Only, she didn’t dare to show it in front of Meng Changsheng, and could only bury this hatred in the bottom of her heart.

  At this time, Meng Changsheng took out a ring and handed it to Lin Yilu, instructing, “Yilu, you are upright and deeply righteous, but your bones are still too good, and it is inevitable that you will suffer in the future, this ring, which is the good of the teacher’s heart, is only that the teacher doesn’t need it anymore, so the teacher will give it to you, and if you are able to penetrate the mysteries of it before you reach the end of your life, you can be like the teacher and live another five hundred years;”

  ”I hope that you can reclaim the countryside for the Han people, just like the Great General and the Hussar General, who drove the Neupati to the north of the desert, drank horses from the Han Sea, and sealed the wolves!”

  When Wu Fiona, who was on the side, heard this, her heart was even more tasty.

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