Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5769

  Lin Yilu was even more puzzled, and said offhandedly, “Master, you have been cultivating for a thousand years, and you are going to change your fate against the heavens, if you succeed in ascending one day, won’t you really seek immortality?”

  Meng Changsheng miserable smile, sighed: “Against the heavens to change his life …… which has what against the heavens to change his life, but it is just a dream of Nanke, other people’s dream of Nanke, one night dream to wake up, and I am a thousand years of dreaming to wake up, thousand years of dreaming, a dream of thousands of years, for the teacher is stupid ah!”

  Lin Yilu realised that his master’s mood was different from the past, and quickly asked with concern: “Master, what’s wrong with you today? Are you thinking of something sad and angry?”

  Meng Changsheng waved his hand and faintly said, “Master has nothing to be sad about, he is just upset that his end is near.”

  ”The end?” Lin Yilu and Wu Fiona were both shocked.

  Meng Changsheng, however, said with a bland face, “The master’s thousand-year limit has arrived, but unfortunately, the master has not solved the next riddle, and can no longer continue to live a long life, these two pills, that is, before the master’s limit to send you a token of appreciation, to be the master’s limit, you and so on will be serving the pills, go down the mountain to continue to fight against the Qing Dynasty, go!”

  Lin Yilu immediately shed tears, a face of unbelief asked: “Master, you are not joking right …… you strength so strong, how will ……”

  Meng Changsheng let out a bitter smile, “Stronger, can not defeat the heavenly way, can only delay a little bit, now it seems that the teacher’s heavenly way, is also these two days.”

  On the side of Wu Fiona remembered something, quickly said, “Master, you if the Heavenly Dao will come …… that …… that …… “

  Speaking here, Wu Fiona suddenly stuttered and stammered, unable to follow up.

  Meng Changsheng looked at Wu Fiona and asked with a smile, “Fiona, what are you going to say, but there is no harm in saying it.”

  Wu Fiona pursed her lips and plucked up the courage to say, “Master, if you are the Heaven’s Way will come, then can all of your lifelong learning, as well as the magic weapons and pills that you have spent your entire life cultivating, be passed on to me and my senior brother? Otherwise, in case you really …… really sit down and die of immortality, won’t all these treasures be wasted ……”

  Meng Changsheng looked at the two Ancient Evergreen Pills and then at Wu Fiona, knowing what Wu Fiona had in mind, Wu Fiona must have thought that he had been cultivating for a thousand years, and that he naturally had countless treasures in his hands, and that it would be impossible for him to have only two pills.

  Before Meng Changsheng could say anything, Lin Yuru on the side sternly reprimanded, ”Fiona! What are you talking about? How can you talk to your master like that!”

  ”There’s no need for Yuelu to say anything.” Meng Changsheng reached out to interrupt him, looked at Wu Fiona, and said with a smile, “Fiona, Master does indeed have a lot of lifelong learning and treasured magic weapons, but it’s not that Master is miserly that he’s unwilling to pass them on to you and the others, it’s just that your destiny isn’t enough to qualify for inheriting and learning from Master’s lifelong learning.”

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