Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5768

  The two of them had to work hard to escape from the layers of Qing troops in Diannan, but unfortunately, God did not meet their wishes, and before they had completed half of the journey, the news of the sudden death of the Master of the State Surname was sent back to the mainland.

  At that time, the Qing court could not wait to celebrate with the whole country.

  And she and Lin Yulu were disillusioned at that moment.

  The two knew that their strength was limited and they could not stop the chariot, plus the Qing army wanted them everywhere, so they had no choice but to return to the 100,000 mountains and join Meng Changsheng again.

  But who would have thought that Meng Changsheng had already reached the end of his days.

  Thinking of this, Wu Fiona’s thoughts once again fast-forwarded to the spring of 1663.

  The images from that year once again surfaced in her mind.

  She and her senior brother were meditating and exhaling, when Meng Changsheng, whose eyebrows and beard were already snow-white, came to the two of them with a hunched physique and blandly said, “Yuru, Fiona, the two of you come in with me.”

  The two of them only felt that today’s Master was extraordinarily tired, but they did not notice anything wrong.

  Thus, the two of them followed Meng Changsheng and arrived in his stone room.

  Meng Changsheng pointed to the two futons in front of him and said to the two of them, “Sit down!”

  Seeing this, the two of them respectfully made themselves cross-legged in front of him.

  Meng Changsheng then opened his mouth and said, “I and you and other destiny is shallow, but after all, teacher and disciple a, and you and other heart against the Qing dynasty cause, for the master of the same Han people, also hope that you and other people will be able to stick to this cause, and early restoration of the Han river and mountain ……”

  Said, he took out two pills from his pocket, placed on the stone table in front of the two people, faintly said, “These two pills, is for the division once mentioned with the er etc. of the ancient evergreen Dan, served this Dan, life expectancy can be up to five hundred years, five hundred years of vicissitudes of the sea, I hope that er etc. with these two pills, to be able to complete the great cause of anti-Qing.”

  Wu Fiona heard that the pills in front of him were actually the Evergreen Dan of the Ancient World that could live for five hundred years, he was thrilled and thanked him in a loud voice: “Fiona thank you, Master Teacher! Don’t worry, Master, Fiona will definitely drive the Manchu Emperor back to Ningguta!”

  Lin Yilu looked at the two pills, then looked up at Meng Changsheng and asked with a somewhat nervous expression, “Master, why are you gifting such a precious pill to your disciple today?”

  Meng Changsheng said blandly, “A thousand years, it seems long, but it’s just a snap of the fingers, the so-called longevity, nowadays it seems that it’s actually nothing more than a forceful pulling of an otherwise normal life, just like an ingot of gold, although it can be pulled into an extremely long gold wire, its essence, however, is still just that ingot of gold.”

  Lin Yilu said blankly, “Master, my disciple is stupid, I don’t understand what you mean, I still hope that Master will show me ……”

  Meng Changsheng said faintly: “Byru, for the teacher in the middle age into the road, so far, although living a thousand years, but more than nine hundred years of light, are in meditation and cultivation in the past, if not meet you and so on, for the teacher still do not know that the outside world has changed the sea and the sea changed the world, now think about it, although it is a thousand years of living, but the real wonderful life, but only a few decades, the rest of the ninety years of tedium, now think, is not as good as the original did not enter the road, the world is not as good as the first time, the world is not the first time. Think, not as good as when not into the Tao, for the teacher can also enjoy the children, children and grandchildren full of heavenly happiness ……”

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