Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5767

  She looked at Burma on the map, looked at Yunnan, which was next to Burma, and looked at the 100,000 mountains, which were thousands of miles away from Yunnan, and her thoughts were in a whirl.

  She thought of her senior brother, and then thought of her master.

  Thinking of her master’s portrait was taken out by others to warn herself, she couldn’t help but whisper to herself: “Master, it seems that you really don’t look down on me and my elder brother, before you left it was me and my elder brother who accompanied you, but even so, you didn’t tell us the secret of longevity, so much so that I have to be in the more than three hundred years after your death, only from other people, I learnt the secret of longevity in detail, I, Wu Fiona, am so unable to enter your law. , am I so unable to enter your eyes?!”

  Thinking of this, Wu Fiona’s thoughts instantly returned to the year 1650, more than three hundred years ago.

  In the middle of the 100,000 mountains, there was a forbidden land that was rarely visited by people.

  There are no inhabitants in a hundred mile radius here, the reason is that since a few hundred years ago, there is a kind of unimaginable miasma here, miasma eddies around the place has not been dispersed, as long as a person enters it, he will have a headache, nausea and disorientation, no matter which way to go, and finally will go around the outside of the miasma, and the miasma inhalation, headache, nausea, headache and nausea will continue for months of time, the pain is extreme, and even more do not know how to live, want to enter into the miasma to explore the inside, and finally died in the miasma! There are even some people who do not know how to die and want to go into the miasma to find out what is going on inside the miasma.

  Therefore, for a long time, the surrounding mountain people all respect this place and regard it as an absolutely forbidden place.

  However, these mountain people did not know that the centre of this miasma was actually Meng Changsheng’s cave where he practiced in seclusion.

  And those miasma, but also is he in the surroundings of the array, as a way to isolate mortals chatter.

  He had been living alone in this mountain for hundreds of years with a single-minded quest for immortality.

  When Wu Fiona and Lin Yuru were chased by the Qing army to the 100,000 Mountains, they were desperate and drilled into the endless miasma.

  If the Qing army hadn’t set fire to the mountain and angered Meng Changsheng, he wouldn’t have saved them by accident.

  Meng Changsheng saved the two, only to learn that the outside world has experienced a sudden change, the Han dynasty has been overthrown by the female real, which makes the same Han people, he was strangled.

  It is precisely because of this that he took Wu Fiona and Lin Yilu as his disciples, passing on their skills and allowing them to continue their anti-Qing career.

  As for himself, it is still difficult to give up the wish of longevity, continue to stay in the hundred thousand mountains in the bitter cultivation.

  At this time, Wu Fiona’s thoughts, and flew to the year 1662.

  At that time, she was still thinking of working with her senior brother Lin Yilu, and bowing and dying for the cause of fighting against the Qing Dynasty.

  They work together to assassinate Wu Sangui, but did not expect, Wu Sangui side also enlisted a lot of capable people, assassination failed, and they participated in the action of almost all the righteous died in battle, and she and her senior brother to fight to the death to kill a bloody road.

  After the failure of the action, the two are exceptionally disillusioned, and at that time, the southern Ming Dynasty is almost destroyed, the mainland has no anti-Qing main force, so Lin Yilu proposed to her, the two go to Taiwan together to join the master of the national name Zheng Chenggong, hoping to be able to follow the master of the national name to continue to fight against the Qing Dynasty ambition.

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