Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5765

  ”Right!” Wu Tony said without thinking, “My subordinate feels that this is not a possibility.”

  Wu Fiona nodded and said in a cold voice, “What you said, it’s not that I haven’t suspected this, however, I don’t have the means to corroborate this, if I really want to corroborate this, let the three eldest elders go over there, however, in the event that the three eldest elders also fold up in Aurous Hill, at that time, not only will the Broken Qing Society lose a great deal of money, but there is even the possibility that they may completely enrage each other.”

  Wu Tony thought for a moment and opened his mouth to ask, “Lord Ying, is it possible to first send one of the elders to Aurous Hill to probe the reality?”

  ”One?” Wu Fiona shook his head and said, “Although I don’t know how strong that person is, but since Jaro Bo’s self-detonation didn’t manage to kill him, it proves that his strength is definitely above any of the three Elders, sending one Elder over there is no different from sending them to their deaths, if the other party’s strength is even stronger than mine, then sending three of them over there, the result will also be the same.”

  Saying that, Wu Fiona added: “And have you thought about it, the other party might not be using my master’s portrait to scare me, or he might be using my master’s portrait to stimulate me, if this is not an empty city trick but a provocative tactic, then I’m afraid that his ultimate goal is to lure me out!”

  Wu Tony said with a horrified expression, “You’re right …… the empty city plan and the provocation method, on the surface it seems to be almost generally the same, but it may lead to the result of one day, one place, one death and one life …… the other party has already secretly fought with us hand to hand several times, each time has the upper hand, now is likely to want to force you to show up ……”

  Wu Fiona nodded and spoke, “Moreover, there is one thing about this person that resembles me.”

  Wu Tony hurriedly asked, “Lord Ying, which point are you talking about?”

  Wu Fiona said, “Not only is this person a cultivator, but he is also exceptionally skilful with firearms!”

  Saying this, Wu Fiona added, “It is because I understand the characteristics of people of martial arts as well as people of cultivation that I have asked you to train the Deadly Soldiers and Snapdragon Guards with modernised weapons;”

  ”The dead soldiers that have been trained by us can decapitate ordinary martial arts experts like chopping melons and cutting vegetables, those martial arts experts are nothing more than unimpressive dirt dogs in front of the dense bullets;”

  ”And this person, he’s even better than me! He actually managed to think of using close defence cannons to decimate cultivation experts! This person’s methods are truly not ordinary and ruthless!”

  Wu Tony recalled what happened to Jordan Bojun when he was blown to dna by the proximity cannons, he couldn’t help but shiver and couldn’t help but say, “Last time we found out that three people from Blackwater bought three proximity cannons from the black market in Eastern Europe, and they belonged to the same model as the one that killed Jordan Bo;”

  ”But on Blackwater’s side, Uncle Zarna has been investigating, but has not been able to find out anything special, he has secretly kidnapped several Blackwater executives and tortured them, and has not been able to ask for any clues;”

  ”In the past few days, Blackwater has announced a moratorium on sending more troops overseas because of the strange deaths of several high ranking officials, my subordinate surmises that the death of Uncle Chien Kung’s death is most likely someone intentionally framing Blackwater for the crime.”

  Wu Fiona hmmmed and spoke, “Inform Uncle Zarna that there is no need to investigate the Blackwater Company anymore, in addition, inform the Five Armies Governor’s Office that from this moment onwards, all external actions will be halted, and all within the Council will be silent for three months!”

  Wu Tony said without thinking, “Alright Lord Ying, I will inform you now!”

  Wu Fiona added, “Right, you inform the crew to get ready, tomorrow I’m going to make a trip to Burma.”

  Wu Tony exclaimed, “Lord Ying, my humble servant, why are you leaving the station at such a critical time?”

  Wu Fiona glared at him with a murderous gaze and rebuked in a cold voice, “Asshole! Is this something you should ask?”

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