Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5764

  However, this thought only existed in her mind for a split second before it was immediately and completely vetoed by her.

  Her cautious character destined her to not dare to take risks.

  In her entire life, one of the riskiest things she had ever done was to kill Lin Yulu after he rejected her.

  And that time, she was the one who caught Lin Yuelu off guard by being behind him.

  But this time, it was a mysterious person hiding behind her, so how could she dare to expose herself within the other party’s vision.

  Therefore, she could only stay away.

  Wu Tony temporarily settled the three elders in the secret meeting hall, and then rushed to seek an audience with Wu Fiona.

  After meeting with them, he couldn’t wait to ask Wu Fiona, “Lord Ying, you’re in such a hurry to have me come back, is there something unexpected?”

  Wu Fiona’s expression was grim to the core as he said in a cold voice, “My identity has been revealed.”

  ”What?!” Wu Tony asked in horror, “Lord Ying …… you haven’t left here for twenty years, what person would reveal your identity? Could it be Uncle Calivet?!”

  Wu Fiona shook his head, “It doesn’t matter if it’s her or not, what’s important is that that person not only knows my identity, he also knows my master, and most importantly, he also knows my master!”

  ”Ah?!” Wu Tony’s entire body took a step back and exclaimed in shock, “Hasn’t Lord Ying …… your master passed away for more than three hundred years? How is it that there are still people in this world who know him?!”

  Wu Fiona opened that short video and handed it to Wu Tony, saying in a cold voice, “See for yourself.”

  Wu Tony respectfully took the phone, carefully watched the video through, and asked in shock, “Lord Ying, the old man in this …… sentence, is it really your master?”

  ”Right.” Wu Fiona nodded, “The person in the painting is my master, Meng Changsheng, and the person who made the painting, painted at least 90% of his divinity.”

  Saying that, Wu Fiona added, “I surmise that the other party has a high probability of knowing my master teacher earlier than me, and since this painting was painted in the Tang Dynasty, perhaps, the other party or the other party’s ancestor, already knew my master teacher during the Tang Dynasty!”

  ”Tang Dynasty ……” Wu Tony stared wide-eyed and murmured, “Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming …… the time span in between is more than a thousand years, if the other party really at already knew your master at that time, I’m afraid he’s already over a thousand years old, if the other party’s ancestors knew your master, then it proves that the other party is a hermit family that has been passed down for thousands of years ……”

  Wu Fiona nodded with a grave expression and said, “Now that the other party already knows my information, whichever you say, it’s not optimistic for me.”

  Saying that, Wu Fiona added, “What I can’t understand even more is why he wants to protect the An Family, the An Family of the district, what virtue can it have?”

  Wu Tony exclaimed, “Could this person be related to An Chengqi and Bruce wade?!”

  Wu Fiona gritted his teeth and said, “How could that be! If he is related to An Chengqi and Bruce wade couple, then he wouldn’t have sat back and watched when Uncle Jaro made a move on his couple twenty years ago!”

  ”This ……” Wu Tony frowned tightly, “What Lord Ying said also makes sense …… my subordinate always feels that this matter is very strange, there are countless possibilities in it. But every one of them seems to have something that can’t be figured out ……”

  Thinking of this, Wu Tony lowered his head and pondered for a long time, then looked at Wu Fiona and asked, “Young Lord, my subordinate feels that, isn’t there another possibility?”

  Wu Fiona spoke, “You say!”

  Wu Tony hurriedly said, “Young Lord, my subordinate feels that the other party may not really have any relationship with your master, it’s also possible that he just happened to have obtained that painting, and happened to have learnt about your identity information from Uncle Calivet or Lin Wan’er, and knew that you were Meng Changsheng’s disciple, so he intentionally used the painting to frighten you! You think, if the other party is really powerful, why did he bother to bring out this painting? It would have been more realistic to just wait for the rabbits in Aurous Hill.”

  Wu Fiona frowned and asked, “Do you mean that the other party is just bluffing by pulling this stunt, singing The Empty City Trick with me?”

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