Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5763

Charlie wade didn’t realise that he had unconsciously destroyed this girl’s chastity the moment he was delivered to Lin Wan Er by the ring.

  For a girl born in the Ming Dynasty, if she was shown her body by a man, or had such an intimate act with a man, basically, apart from marrying him, the only way left was to die to show her will.

  Therefore, Charlie wade was even more unaware that Lin Wan Er had already decided in her heart that she would not marry herself in this life.

  Moreover, he also did not know at all that Lin Wan Er, who was born in the Ming Dynasty and experienced the Ming and Qing Dynasties, had a view of marriage that was diametrically opposed to the present.

  In Lin Wan Er’s outlook, a man with three wives and four concubines is a normal thing, she can accept to marry Charlie wade as a concubine, and to address Claire as a sister.

  At this moment, Charlie wade had only just relaxed, and an unprecedented sense of exhaustion instantly swept over his body and mind.

  Although his cultivation had been restored and the aura in his body had been filled up, he still felt incomparably tired, so tired that he didn’t even want to open his eyes.

  Thus, he tore up the letter that he had left for Claire, and prepared to take a good rest at home for the afternoon, and then in the evening, he would go to the mid-level villa at Champs Hot Springs to formally meet with his grandparents’ family.

  When he lay on the bed, although his exhausted body was temporarily relieved, his brain was still like an overloaded engine, humming at high speed without stopping.

  Everything that happened last night flashed rapidly in his mind like a slide show.

  When he thought back to the moment before he was on the verge of death, he still clearly remembered the deep unwillingness he felt deep within his heart at that time.

  Fortunately, the ring that Lin Wan’er had given him had saved his life at the critical moment.

  Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel grateful towards this ring.

  He couldn’t help but hold the ring on his hand, closing his eyes and quietly feeling the smooth and warm touch of the ring.

  In the past, Charlie wade once thought that this ring was the biggest pitfall he had ever encountered, sucking the aura in his body to nothing several times, much more detestable than the fraudsters of telecommunication fraud.

  But who would have thought that this ring had been secretly protecting him all along, and all those auras that he had been sucked out by it were actually power that had been pre-stored in advance to save his life.

  If he hadn’t had his aura sucked away by the ring time and time again, at the critical moment, the ring wouldn’t have been able to bring himself to Lin Wan’er at all.

  Thus, Charlie wade took out two Peiyuan Dan and continued to pour the vigorous aura in his body towards the ring in a steady stream.

  The ring, which had been silent for a day, was also suddenly like a parched earth, greedily absorbing all the spiritual qi that Charlie wade had injected into it.

  When the spiritual qi in Charlie wade’s body was almost devoured by it, Charlie wade hurriedly swallowed the two Peiyuan Dan that he had prepared into his mouth.

  This time, he was no longer stingy with his aura, and only thought of feeding this ring first.


  A few hours later.

  After the three elders returned to Buenos Aires in a Boeing 777, they transferred to a seaplane, which brought them back to the premises of the Broken Clearance Society.

  On the way back, all three had some resentment and dissatisfaction in their hearts.

  Originally, the three of them were already a little resentful when they were suddenly interrupted from their seclusion when they were only one step short of flushing open the Mud Pill Palace.

  They had thought that they would be able to receive more rewards after carrying out an important mission and succeeding, but they had never expected that they would be brought back after being led around ten thousand metres in the air by Wu Tianlin, without doing anything.

  Wu Fiona’s mindset at this time was even more completely collapsed than the three great elders.

  For the past few hours, she had been unable to control her rambling thoughts.

  At a certain moment, she even wanted to make a trip to Aurous Hill in person to see who had taken this painting out to warn herself across the room.

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