Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5762

  Saying so, she said in a soft voice, “In that case, then I will not disturb your rest, after you have dealt with the matter at hand, if you still want to see your slave, then feel free to contact your slave.”

  Charlie wade said, “I will first go to meet my grandparents at the Mid-Levels Villa in Champs-Elysees tonight, and a little later, I will bring the pills and visit the Purple Mountain Villa, since I promised those three old gentlemen today that I would gift them a chance, I naturally cannot keep them waiting for too long, especially that grandfather Sun, his health condition is already difficult to wait any longer.”

  When Lin Wan’er heard that Charlie wade was going to visit the Purple Mountain Villa in the evening, she asked excitedly, “Is Charlie wade really coming to the Purple Mountain Villa tonight?”

  Charlie wade said with certainty, “Of course, but it depends on whether it is convenient for Miss Lin and the three old gentlemen, if not, it can be another day.”

  ”Convenient, naturally convenient!” Lin Wan’er said excitedly, “If you don’t want to bother, your servant can fly a helicopter to Champs-Elysees Spa to pick you up!”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Miss Lin doesn’t need to be so fussy, I’ll drive there myself in the evening, if Miss Lin doesn’t want the subordinates of Purple Mountain Villa to see her, let them avoid it in advance.”

  Lin Wan’er was busy saying, “Charlie wade coming tonight is not the same thing as leaving this morning, the underlings don’t need to evade in advance unless ……”

  Charlie wade subconsciously asked, “Unless what?”

  Lin Wan’er said shyly, “Unless …… unless your son is not prepared to leave after coming here tonight ……”

  Charlie wade said in a panic: “Ahem …… how can that be …… Miss Lin, don’t worry, I won’t stay long, let the three old gentlemen wait in your courtyard then… …”

  The Lin Wan’er on the other end of the phone, although she had already blushed, her mouth couldn’t help but beep, and she couldn’t help but complain in her heart, “Is the gongzi really confused, or is he just pretending to be confused? You can fool Wu Fiona around, but don’t you know that men and women are not related to each other? In the Ming and Qing dynasties, a girl was considered to have lost her chastity when her arm was seen, not to mention the fact that my slave was seen by you last night and was next to you. If I had been born in a time when I was so close to a man but could not marry him, I would have had to throw myself into a well ……”

  Although Lin Wan’er had lived for more than 300 years, she was still, at heart, the same Lin Wan’er when she had taken the Everlasting Green Pill.

  That Lin Wan’er had firmly believed from her childhood that the most important thing for a woman was chastity and a husband, so the moment Charlie wade suddenly appeared from the hot spring pool, she told herself in her heart that in this life, she would not marry anyone other than Charlie wade!

  And at this moment, she could not help but sigh to Charlie wade in her heart, “Does your son still not know that, for reasons of love, reason and everything, my slave can only marry your son;”

  ”In terms of feelings, Charlie wade saved my slave’s life, and my slave does have a soft spot in her heart for Charlie wade, and this is the first time in over three hundred years that my slave has lived, so naturally, my slave hopes to marry the man of her heart;”

  ”In fact, you have already seen my body and even had skin-to-skin contact with me, if you don’t even marry me, how do you want me to behave in the future?”

  ”If you are willing to marry me, I can fully understand the laws and regulations nowadays; “

  ”If you are not willing to marry me, then I will not marry you in this life ……!”

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