Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5761

The three elders’ plane turned back, causing Charlie wade to instantly feel in his heart that the situation had turned around.

  Although he was at an absolute disadvantage in front of the Broken Clear Society, he had managed to win repeatedly in the several encounters with the Broken Clear Society.

  Now, not only had the Broken Qing Society lost a deadly garrison, they had also lost three Earls, and more importantly, this Empty City Strategy had begun to make Wu Fiona throw in the towel.

  Charlie wade had speculated about Wu Fiona’s heart, and although he had never met her, he could sense several characteristics of this woman, one being a suspicious nature and the other being extremely cautious.

  If she was not suspicious by nature, she would never have used nepotism, and the core of the entire Qing Breaking Association was in the hands of Wu’s family;

  If she were not extremely cautious, she would never have tried desperately to hide her identity for fear that outsiders would know about her.

  Therefore, the more such a character is, the more he does not dare to take a big gamble.

  It was precisely for this reason that Charlie wade concluded that once Meng Changsheng’s portrait was released, she would definitely not dare to come to Aurous Hill again.

  With a sigh of relief, Charlie wade was ready to give Lin Wan’er a call to report the good news, so that she could have some peace of mind.

  But to his surprise, just as he picked up his mobile phone, Lin Wan’er’s call arrived first.

  When Charlie wade picked up the phone, he heard Lin Wan’er say on the other end of the line, “My lord, my slave just found out that a Boeing 777 that took off from Buenos Aires suddenly turned around and went back! The Three Elders should be on that plane, right?”

  Charlie wade asked in surprise, “You’re also concerned about that plane?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “Back to my lord, my slave has been following the flight situation in South America, and after seeing it, I rushed to call my lord, but it seems that my slave’s call was somewhat redundant, as my lord had already paid attention to it himself.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Not redundant, since both of us are concerned about the same flight, this is more proof that our guesses are unlikely to be wrong, the three Elders must have already been called back by Wu Fiona.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled cheekily and said, “Your Excellency is really good at planning, after singing this ‘Empty City Tactic’, not only has it solved the immediate emergency, it has also made Wu Fiona fearful of his weapons, which is no better than Zhuge Liang’s straw boat borrowing arrows back in the day!”

  Charlie wade’s face burned a little and he said, “Don’t praise me, Miss Lin, how can I dare to compare myself with Zhuge.”

  Lin Wan’er said seriously, “In my heart, Zhuge Liang is not as good as you, even if he is smart, he cannot be as good as you.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er did not proceed further on this issue, but asked Charlie wade, “I wonder what your son’s next plan is?”

  Charlie wade said, “Nothing for now, my grandfather’s family is still in Aurous Hill, I plan to meet with them, after so many years of enmity and grudges, it’s time to talk about it face to face.”

  Lin Wan’er said approvingly, “Charlie wade should indeed go and meet them too, from last night until now, I believe they have been waiting for Charlie wade to appear again.”

  Charlie wade looked at the time, it was not yet noon either, so he said, “Yesterday’s battle was indeed mentally exhausting, now that Wu Fiona has withdrawn the three elders to the Broken Qing Society’s lair, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief for the time being, I will rest and rest at home this afternoon, and then go to see my grandfather’s family in the evening.”

  Lin Wan’er said approvingly, “Your Excellency has experienced too much since last night, so you should indeed take a good rest.”

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