Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5759

It had been over three hundred years since Wu Fiona had been as scared as she was today.

  That unfamiliar feeling of fear instantly rushed to her heart like an open floodgate, giving her entire being a sense of ever accelerating descent.

  Although she had lived for four hundred years, and although her strength and power had grown stronger and stronger the more she lived, her guts had grown smaller and smaller the more she lived.

  For so many years, she was most afraid of two things: one was that she would grow old and die, and the other was that her identity would be revealed.

  Therefore, there are many casual members of the Broken Clear Society, but not many people really know the identity of the Ying Master.

  Apart from the four earls, the rest, without exception, were all members of the Wu family.

  Those Wu family members were all descendants of Wu Fiona’s clan, and all of these people depended on Wu Fiona before they could live a life of luxury, so their loyalty to Wu Fiona was extremely high.

  As for the few rebellious members of Wu’s family, Wu Fiona never showed any mercy to them and killed those who deserved to be killed, while those who did not deserve to die were also killed.

  Moreover, she also had reservations about the Wu family.

  The Wu family only knew that she had great powers and had attained immortality, but they did not know where she had learned them from.

  The same goes for the Four Earls, who knew that she had lived for four hundred years, but did not know who her master was.

  Wu Fiona, in her horror, thought of this in the same way.

  She had originally thought that it was possible that Calivet Bo Grace Lowes had not died, but had instead leaked her information to a secret enemy.

  But when she thought about it, she had never told her who her master was.

  There were and only three people in this world who knew that she had studied under Meng Changsheng, apart from herself.

  One, Meng Changsheng himself;

  One, her once beloved senior brother, Lin Chifu;

  And another, Lin Wan’er, Lin Chiru’s daughter.

  Thinking of this, Wu Fiona suddenly stared wide-eyed and gritted her teeth as she said coldly, “Lin Wan’er …… Could it be that you have leaked my information?!”

  The last time I sent someone to capture Lin Wan’er, she had the help of a high ranking person and escaped, and the person who was sent that time was the Cypriot Primus Guard, and not long after that, Uncle Jordan Bojun died in the Cypriot death camp, and the entire camp of death and Primus Guard also disappeared without a trace …… …… Could it be that this Lin Wan’er has really found a backer?!”

  ”Then …… that portrait of the Master, where did it come from? Lin Wan’er has never met the Master, she simply cannot know what the Master looks like, so that portrait could never have come from her hand ……”

  ”Could it be that the person who helped him is the author of this portrait?!”

  Wu Fiona just came up with this thought, but in her heart she immediately felt that it was unlikely, she muttered to herself, “At the moment, this mysterious person looks more like the An family’s backer than Lin Wan’er’s backer, this person saved the An family in New York and then in Aurous Hill, it seems that he was guarding the An family’s side all the way, since he cares so much about the An family’s safety, how could he split up Northern Europe to protect Lin Wan’er?”

  ”But if Lin Wan’er didn’t reveal my identity, where did that man learn of my identity?! Could it be that …… could be that he went to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to meet the Master and learn of my existence from him after the Master had taken us in?!”

  ”But after all these years, why did he never show himself and chose to show himself at this time?!”

  ”What is even more unexplainable is that if this person is really the disciple that the Master took in during the last five hundred years, then he is also considered my senior brother of Wu Fiona, and his strength is definitely above mine, so why would such a strong person protect the An family members? How can a mere member of the An family be capable of doing that?”

  At this moment, a thought suddenly flashed through Wu Fiona’s mind and she exclaimed, “Could it be that he also wants to find the secret of eternal life?

  Thinking of this, Wu Fiona frowned once again and secretly muttered, “If he also wants to find the Secret of Everlasting Life, then he should not protect the An Family all the more ……”

  For a while, all kinds of clues that could not be stroked or confused crisscrossed, making Wu Fiona feel that her brain was already a bit inadequate.

  However, there was one thing she could confirm, and that was, the other party had brought out this painting, clearly releasing a warning signal to her Wu Fiona, if she Wu Fiona continued to hold on to the An family, then the other party would definitely return the favor.

  This made Wu Fiona think of the already martyred Uncle Jaro, and she could not help but add, “Right, Uncle Jaro found the magic weapon just after arriving at Aurous Hill, and even managed to trigger the heavenly thunder, now it seems that this was never the luck of Uncle Jaro, but a trap laid by the other party against him long ago!”

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