Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5757

  So, he first focused on all the private planes as well as cargo planes heading to the northern hemisphere, keeping an eye on their routes. Once this video caught fire and a certain plane turned around over the ocean and flew back to Argentina, that plane would definitely be the seat of the Three Elders.

  At this very moment, on the edge of Antarctica.

  Wu Fiona is also closely watching every move in Aurous Hill.

  A cargo plane sent by the Central Military Governor’s Office this morning had just flown over Aurous Hill an hour ago. The plane’s destination was Luzhou, near Aurous Hill, and it just so happened that when it passed over Aurous Hill, it lowered its altitude as requested by air traffic control, and it also just so happened that it could take a clear picture of the landscape of Aurous Hill.

  The photos taken from the plane were quickly transmitted back to the headquarters of the Broken Clear Society, and Wu Fiona also immediately spotted a circular blank area with a radius of several hundred metres in the valley near Wanliu Mountain Resort.

  She was almost immediately able to ascertain that Uncle Jaro had detonated the formation she had left inside his mud palace.

  As Uncle Jaro had already gone up in smoke, and Uncle Calivet’s chances of survival were very slim, Wu Fiona began to worry in her heart that the person who had forced Uncle Jaro to explode himself was not dead, and might even, be stronger than herself.

  Of course, Wu Fiona also knew that it was impossible to figure out whether that person was dead or not. The best way was to wait for the three elders to arrive at Aurous Hill and directly find out and strike at the An family.

  The fact that someone had suddenly appeared in the nick of time to save the An family from destruction was proof that the other party had indeed been secretly protecting the An family.

  And if that person had not died, he would have remained in Aurous Hill to protect the An family.

  Now, the An family’s plane is still parked in Aurous Hill, and one has not received any news of the An family leaving Aurous Hill. As long as the three elders arrive in Aurous Hill and strike at the An family, that person will definitely jump out to protect them, and then the three elders can work together to kill them, and then kill the An family in the process.

  If no expert stops the Three Elders when they kill the An family, then it will prove that the mysterious opponent has already died from the self-explosion of Uncle Jaro, and the Three Elders only need to eradicate the An family completely, and then they can rest easy!

  Just when she felt that this time, the Three Elders’ trip to Aurous Hill would be foolproof in any way, a mobile phone in front of her suddenly received a push from a short video platform.

  On this phone, Wu Fiona had changed the ip address and positioning information of her phone, changing her location to Aurous Hill, in order to be the first to know what was going on in Aurous Hill.

  Now, Charlie wade had the short video platform break the circle of Meng Changsheng’s pair of paintings in Aurous Hill, and the target audience of the push was the users whose positioning information was local to Aurous Hill.

  So, naturally, this also included Wu Fiona.

  The moment Wu Fiona saw this push, her eyes immediately widened and her whole body felt black before her eyes, as if all the blood seemed to rush straight to the sky in a flash!

  She thought she had misread it and subconsciously rubbed her eyes, bringing her vision back a little before bringing her phone to her face again.

  She looked at the tweet with the prefix “Local”, and the headline read: “Searching for Meng Changsheng: The Legacy of Chinese Painting Across Thousands of Years!

  When Wu Fiona confirmed every word of the headline, her whole body was thunderstruck!

  Immediately afterwards, her legs went limp and she fell to the ground in a flash!

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