Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5752

  Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile, “Dad, if anyone asks you about this painting, just say that you bought it from a person whose face you can’t remember, and that you bought it from a leak, and as for the process of picking up the leak, you can give full play to your imagination, just blow it up and talk about it as much as you like, as long as you don’t stray from the central idea, it’s fine to brag about it.”

  Jacob was surprised and asked, “Good son-in-law, wouldn’t it be more dignified if I just said it was from my friend, or that it was my own collection?”

  Charlie wade said seriously, “Dad, other people don’t know this painting, but my client recognizes it. If people find out that you are bragging about it, they will probably complain about me. If you do as I say, they will feel better knowing that we are protecting their privacy and not trying to put gold on their faces.”

  Jacob was a little resentful and sighed, “Okay, then let’s do what you say.”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly, reached out and put his arm on his arm and said seriously, “Dad, you must not forget that from now on, this painting is the one that you bought by mistake, and it was at the entrance of Tangchen Yijin that a person who could not remember his face stopped you and insisted on selling it to you for a hundred dollars.”

  After saying this, a trace of aura was sent into Jacob’s brain, quietly giving him a psychological hint that would only be triggered when someone asked about the origin of the painting.

  Jacob subconsciously nodded, and at that moment, deep inside, the seed had been planted.

  Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “Dad, where did you get this painting in your hand?”

  Jacob blurted out with a flourish, “I picked it up! Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for my discerning eye, this painting would still be hidden under another fake painting! At that time in the antique street, someone tried to fool me with a fake painting of a famous person, how could I have fallen for such a trick? I was so blind that I couldn’t fall for it. I just took a look at the painting and noticed that it wasn’t right, it was thicker than normal! So I pretended to be fooled and bought the fake painting back for five thousand dollars.

  Charlie wade was secretly staggered, thinking that this old husband of his was really born with the ability to brag.

  However, what he wanted was this kind of natural performance from Jacob.

  He believed that Wu Fiona did not dare to check the background of this painting, but he did not dare to rule out the possibility that this old husband of his own was making up nonsense outside and subsequently passing it on to Wu Fiona, so he was cautious and gave Jacob this particular psychological implication.

  Seeing that the old man had completely fallen into the scene, Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction. It seemed that the old man had not only remembered his psychological hint, but also his own instructions for him to brag casually.

  He knew that at this moment, deep inside Jacob’s heart, he firmly believed that he had picked up this painting on his own, but he did not want people to think that he was completely lucky, so he had to make up a legendary story to improve his skills and make himself look respectable.

  So, Charlie wade deliberately and tentatively asked, “Dad, is it too much to brag so much with your own family? Tell me from your conscience, how did this painting come about?”

  Jacob smiled heatedly and said, “It’s still my good son-in-law who understands me, he could tell I was bragging at a glance.”

  Jacob said mysteriously, “Dad, I’m not going to hide it from you, I really bought this painting, but it’s not as mysterious as I just said, it’s just that yesterday when I left home, a guy stopped me at the entrance of our Townsend One, and insisted on selling me this painting, and the price was only a hundred yuan. So I bought it! So I bought it!”

  Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and laughed, “Alright dad, hurry up and go to the Painting and Calligraphy Association to find a show, if you don’t raise your profile a bit, you probably won’t be able to continue as the executive vice president!”

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