Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5746

Hearing Old Zhang’s words, Qiu Ying Shan and Sun Zhidong were both speechless with shock!

  Sun Zhidong looked at Old Zhang and asked him out of the blue, “Old Zhang, when you say that the lady has moved her mortal heart, what mortal heart has she moved?”

  Old Zhang asked in a low voice, “Do you remember what the greatest wish of the three of us used to be?”

  Without thinking, Qiu Ying Shan said, “Of course, I hope that Miss can find a man of her choice and start a family, so that she will not be so lonely for the rest of her life!”

  ”Right!” Sun Zhidong couldn’t help but sigh, “I’ve been thinking for decades that before we were ten years old, it was Miss who brought us along for the ride; between the ages of ten and twenty or so, it was us who accompanied Miss. Miss, many times even for many years in a row without Miss’s whereabouts and information, but I have always hoped so in my heart ……”

  The first thing you need to do is to look at the old man and ask, “Old Zhang, you just said that the lady has moved her mortal heart, is it related to this?”

  Old Zhang nodded his head excitedly and said in a lowered voice, “Mr. Charlie wade, is now in Miss’s boudoir, I think Miss should have picked him up from outside in a helicopter just now!”

  Qiu Ying Shan frowned and said, “Miss went out for a long time before returning, could it be that she went to see Charlie wade! I remember Miss said that she couldn’t let Charlie wade know that Miss still remembered him, so why did she even go to see him at night? Now she’s even brought him to her own courtyard, isn’t she afraid that Charlie wade will find out?”

  Old Zhang whispered, “Afraid? Miss has already told him everything about herself!”


  When the two heard this, their jaws dropped even further in shock.

  Sun Zhidong said in horror, “Miss …… Miss has told him all her secrets?!”

  ”All told!” Old Zhang nodded heavily, “In Miss’s words, it was frank and honest, and …… and ……”

  Both of them were anxious when they saw Old Zhang swallowing and stammering.

  Sun Zhidong stomped his feet in anxiety: “Old Zhang, what are you stuttering at this critical moment!”

  ”Exactly!” Qiu Yingshan also complained, “Say what you want to say and hurry up! You’re so slow to speak!”

  Old Zhang lowered his voice and approached them, “I’m telling you, only the three of us can talk about this, so you two can’t talk nonsense in front of the lady!”

  Sun Zhidong also came over and said softly, “Don’t worry, Zhang! I’m not that foul-mouthed!”

  Qiu Yingshan also came forward and patted his chest, “Old Zhang, whatever you say next will be known to heaven and earth, and to the three of us!”

  Old Zhang nodded and said very seriously, “Let me tell you, just now, in front of Mr. Wade, Miss kept referring to herself as a slave, and that’s fine, but when it came to being honest with each other, Miss blushed shyly! In all these years, have any of you ever seen her blush?”

  ”Holy shit!” Sun Zhidong’s body trembled with excitement as he hurriedly asked, “Really? Is this true?”

  Qiu Yingshan was also overwhelmed with excitement and said in a trembling voice, “Old Zhang, you’re not joking with us, are you?”

  The three of them, eighty or ninety years ago, had grown up together in crotchless trousers.

  The three of them had similar personalities, and all had good characters and temperaments. Although they had all chosen different lives, they had grown up together around Lin Wan’er, so they had a deep bond with each other, as if they were brothers and sisters.

  Sun Zhidong had previously been in a high position, Qiu Yingshan had a wealthy family, and both had been very successful in life, while Old Zhang had been with Lin Wan’er for nearly 90 years since she was a baby, and had been a housekeeper all her life, which might not seem like much, but to the other two, they both admired Old Zhang.

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