Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5741

  Charlie wade reached out to help her up and said aloud with a solemn expression, “My goal is to kill Wu Fiona with my own hands and avenge my parents, if you are willing to follow me, you have to be an enemy of Wu Fiona, can you do that?”

  Grace Lowes gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, Wu Fiona is vicious and poisonous, not only has she used toxins to manipulate me for decades, she has even made me into a human bomb, I have an unbreakable grudge against her, too!”

  Charlie wade nodded gently and said, “Good! If I can help you cure the poison in your body after two years, then if I am lucky enough to open the Mud Pill Palace in the future, I will also do my best to help you move out of the formations in the Mud Pill Palace, and after Wu Fiona dies, you will be completely free, no matter where you go, I, Charlie wade, will never interfere.

  Grace Lowes clasped her hands together and said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your generosity!”

  At that moment, it was already light outside.

  Charlie wade said to Grace Lowes, “Miss Grace, later on I will have someone take you to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring at the bottom of the mountain and have someone arrange a room there for you to set up temporarily, there is still a very powerful formation inside you at the moment, so I need you to be ready to evacuate at all times, if my empty city ploy fails and the three elders still come to Jin Ling, then I will have someone send you to a safe deserted place, so that in case that Three Great Elders have a way to detonate your formation.”

  Grace Lowes nodded and said respectfully, “I am at Mr. Wade’s disposal for all arrangements!”

  At the side, Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and said, “My lord, I think you should monitor all civilian planes that take off from Argentina and travel to China, including passenger and cargo planes. Once the gongzi’s empty city plan is sung, and there are planes from Argentina heading straight for Aurous Hill, then we must treat them with care! If a certain plane that was originally coming to China suddenly turns around and goes back after Gongzi’s empty city trick is sung, then that plane might be the one that the Three Elders are on.”

  Charlie wade nodded approvingly and said, “Monitoring the plane is indeed a good idea, back then I used this method to lock up one of the other party’s shipping companies, and subsequently met Miss Lin in Northern Europe.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and said, “My slave also guessed that this method should be used by your son, only this method can keep track of the movements of the Primus Guards and the dead soldiers.”

  At this moment, Grace Lowes suddenly spoke up, “My lord, if we could lock onto the plane that the three Elders were on and find a way to shoot it down, wouldn’t we be able to kill all three Elders easily?!”

  Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er spoke almost simultaneously, “Never!”

  When Charlie wade finished speaking, he saw that Lin Wan’er had the same reaction as himself, so he asked her, “What does Miss Lin think?”

  Lin Wan’er said seriously, “No matter what the situation is, shooting down a civilian airliner is a terrorist act, it is absolutely undesirable and will be despised and reviled by the whole world, Your Excellency should act without shame, such a thing is never desirable.”

  Charlie wade also agreed and said, “A man has to do something and not do something, this kind of thing is never within my scope of consideration.”

  Grace Lowes was instantly ashamed and hurriedly said, “Sorry Mr. Wade and Miss Lin, I was the one who thought too much …… I just thought that if the three elders were all on one plane, shooting down the plane might be the best way to kill all three of them at once, but didn’t think …… this approach is indeed very inappropriate …… Please also ask Mr. Wade and Miss Lin to forgive ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “Today’s goal is only to scare Wu Fiona and force her to retreat, so don’t be greedy. As long as this goal is successfully achieved, for a long time in the future, Wu Fiona will never dare to act recklessly in Aurous Hill, so that we can buy more time to sleep and improve our strength, maybe when she realizes this empty city scheme and sends the three elders here again, we already have the strength to keep the three of them in Aurous Hill forever!”

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