Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5739

  Charlie wade nodded and sighed, “It seems that Wu Fiona’s strength is indeed very strong, I have never opened the Mud Pill Palace either, I can’t even open my own Mud Pill Palace, let alone presume to open others’, so that self-exploding formation inside you should not be able to be removed in a short time.”

  Grace Lowes sighed lightly and said, “I didn’t think that I could remove the formation either, I just hope that the formation won’t affect other innocent people, anyway, I don’t have too long to live, and I only have the last two years or so left in my life.”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “What makes Miss Grace say that?”

  Grace Lowes said, “I have a strange poison left behind by Wu Fiona in my body, and every three years, I have to take an antidote, otherwise I will die with all my meridians broken and all my organs destroyed.”

  Charlie wade frowned and said, “I wonder if I can have a look at it?”

  Grace Lowes hesitated for a moment, nodded gently and handed his right hand to Charlie wade.

  Charlie wade put his finger on Grace Lowes’s pulse door, and a trace of spiritual energy was transferred into her body. After traveling around her body, he found that her meridians, dantian, and even her five internal organs were all surrounded by a strange energy.

  Charlie wade could vaguely feel that this energy had completely fused with her meridians and organs, and with Charlie wade’s current ability, he was completely unable to separate this energy from her body.

  What was even stranger was that Charlie wade could feel that this energy was extremely manic in nature, but the reason why it was able to fuse with her body in a stable manner without interfering with each other was because there was another energy that acted like a stabiliser, constantly interacting with this energy to keep the former stable.

  Moreover, Charlie wade could feel that the latter had actually been continuously absorbed by the former at an extremely slow rate. This slow absorption was not only able to keep the former stable, but also allowed the former to gradually become stronger and stronger as it continued to absorb over a long period of time, while the latter would become weaker and weaker as it was continuously absorbed by the former.

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but say, “Miss Grace, you have two strands of weird aura in your body, do you know yourself?”

  ”I know.” Grace Lowes nodded and said, “These two strands of spiritual qi are the poison and the antidote.”

  Charlie wade sighed: “It seems that the deepest strand of aura in Miss Grace’s body should be the poison itself, while the aura involved with it is the medicinal effect of the antidote, as long as the medicinal effect is still present, it can stabilise the poison’s medicinal properties, but the medicinal effect of the antidote has been slowly absorbed by the former, once the latter, which has a stabiliser effect, is absorbed cleanly by the former, the former will explode, thus leaving you breathless and dead .”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added: “This toxin in your body is very different from the situation of the dead soldiers and primus guards, the toxin in the bodies of the dead soldiers and primus guards is a poison with a complex structure, I think it should be a special toxin mastered by Wu Fiona, paired with a special antidote to form a restraint, but the poison in your body, Miss Grace, is not so much a poison as it is a special kind of aura. “

  Grace Lowes nodded, smiled to herself and said, “This is Wu Fiona’s ingenuity, the poison and antidote she gave us are actually both a special kind of aura, the ingenious thing is that if we don’t take the antidote, we will die of poison, while if we take the antidote, it seems to stabilize this energy, but in fact, it is allowing this energy to continuously enhance itself, which is tantamount to Chronic poisoning, the deeper you get into it.”

  The more you take the antidote, the stronger the toxin in your body will be. Even if you cultivate hard and keep improving your strength, you will never be able to get rid of the toxin’s hold on you because you have to take the antidote once every three years! “

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