Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5737

  So, Wu Paulo said respectfully, “Master Ying has suddenly awakened the three of us, so I’m sure there must be an important task for the three of us to handle.

  The other two also said in unison, “Please give us our orders!”

  Wu Fiona was very satisfied with the performance of the three of them, she wanted them to be obedient, otherwise she would not have taught them the heart technique to open the Mud Pill Palace in the first place.

  Moreover, the mind technique that Wu Fiona had taught them was already slightly defective.

  Although they had been in seclusion for a hundred years, if Wu Fiona had not assisted them externally during the last few years, the three of them would not have been able to break through the Mud Pill Palace anyway.

  Even if the Mud Pill Palace was right in front of them, even if they were only separated by the last layer of window paper, without Wu Fiona, they would not be able to break through this last layer.

  However, the three of them had no way of knowing this at the moment.

  Therefore, in Wu Fiona’s view, if the three of them valued their cultivation more than their own orders at this moment, then he should instead restrict their final breakthrough, so that the three of them would not be even more uncontrollable after breaking through the Mud Pill Palace.

  With that, Wu Fiona said to the three of them, “Recently, the Broken Qing Society has encountered many external enemies, and three of the four earls I cultivated after your retreat have already died, but at the moment, we haven’t even figured out the identity of our enemies.”

  The three of them looked at each other, their expressions all averted.

  They had thought that the Broken Qing Society might encounter trouble, but they had not expected it to be this troublesome.

  So, without thinking, Wu Paulo said, “Ying Lord, the three of us are willing to help to relieve Ying Lord’s worries!”

  Wu Fiona nodded slightly and spoke, “Time is short, you three follow Tony to prepare and get ready first, in an hour, a plane will take you to Aurous Hill.”

  After saying that, she turned around and greeted Wu Tony who was outside the door and said to the three of them, “This is Tony, the eldest son of Vamos.”

  When the three heard this, they were immediately surprised.

  Wu Vamos, their eldest nephew, was also the eldest son of that generation of the Wu family.

  Successive generations of the Wu family’s sons had been nurtured by Wu Fiona’s own son, and the three did not expect that their nephew’s son would, to their surprise, already be a venerable old man.

  Wu Tony bowed to the three very respectfully at this moment and said with great reverence, “Wu Tony, the grandson of the Wu family, has met the three grandfathers!”

  The three of them hurriedly extended their hands in a vain lift and made some courtesies.

  Although Wu Tony was a junior, the three of them knew very well that they were in seclusion for a hundred years, and they had no idea what the outside world was like, so they would inevitably need Wu Tony’s help in private.

  After the four of them had exchanged pleasantries, Wu Fiona said, “All right, we’re all family, so we can put off the catching up for a while.

  After saying this, she asked Wu Tony, “Tony, there is no problem for the three elders to take the plane directly to Aurous Hill, right?”

  Wu Tony hurriedly said, “Back to you, Lord Ying, my subordinates follow your instructions and change the three elders’ identity information every twenty years, the latest version of the passports are with me, the three elders will be able to enter the country without any problems!”

  ”Good!” Wu Fiona’s expression was gloomy for a while as she said in a cold voice, “You guys set off as soon as possible! When you get to Aurous Hill, besides killing all the An family, kill anyone you suspect! We must kill them all, we must not leave any loose ends!”

  The four of them said in unison, “My subordinates obey!”

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