Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5736

At this very moment, there is an uninhabited island in South America covered in ice and snow.

  Wu Fiona is leading Wu Tony through the vast underground structures within the island.

  The two make their way to the deepest part of the underground structure, where there is a space completely sealed in the rock, a space that is connected to the outside world by one and only one ventilation duct well.

  The three elders of the Broken Clear Society were in seclusion here at the moment.

  Interestingly, in the hundred years they have been in retreat, they have unknowingly followed the Society across half the globe, from China, through Oceania and finally to South America.

  The three of them had completely cut off all contact with the outside world, and at the same time, they had wrapped their bodies with their aura so tightly that their metabolism had almost come to a standstill. They had no idea how long it had been outside, but they only knew that they were instinctively running their aura and making it more pure, and at the same time, they were constantly using their aura to shock their mud pills palace, trying to open it up completely.

  When Wu Fiona arrived in this room, these three people were already as thin as wood, as if they were three sitting mummies.

  However, Wu Fiona could feel that inside their withered bodies, there was a very powerful and pure spiritual energy hidden.

  At this moment, Wu Fiona said with regret, “If we had waited another ten to twenty years for the three of you to break through the Mud Pill Palace, the Broken Clear Society would have been able to walk across the sky.

  As she said that, she gathered her aura into her fingertips, then silently ran her heart technique and pointed towards the three of them in the void!

  Immediately afterwards, the three surging spiritual qi quickly entered the three people’s dried and even waxed bodies, and in an instant, the three people’s bodies began to regain their blood colour and lustre like a withered tree returning to life!

  About an incense stick later, one of them, an old man who looked to be around fifty years old, suddenly opened his eyes, he first looked at himself and then at Wu Fiona in front of him, his expression quickly flashed a hint of disappointment, but this disappointment passed in a flash, he immediately got up without thinking, bowed to Wu Fiona and shouted reverently: “I, Wu Paulo, see Lord Ying! “

  The other two also opened their eyes at this moment, and the disappointment in their eyes also passed instantly, then seeing Wu Paulo kneeling on the ground, they hurriedly also followed Wu Paulo in kneeling and saluting.

  ”My subordinate, Wu Po-Wen, see Lord Ying!”

  ”My subordinate Wu Po-zhong, see Lord Ying!”

  Wu Fiona could see the flash of disappointment when the three of them first woke up, so she spoke, “The three of you have been in seclusion for a hundred years, you have really worked hard!”

  ”A hundred years?!”

  All three of them were stunned, no one had expected that this seclusion would be a hundred years!

  Moreover, they didn’t expect that after a hundred years of seclusion, they still hadn’t managed to open the Mud Pill Palace!

  What they didn’t expect was that after a hundred years of seclusion, they were about to open the Mud Pill Palace, only to be awakened by Lord Ying at the last moment.

  Although the three of them were extremely helpless in their hearts, they naturally did not dare to show their feelings in the face of Wu Fiona at this moment.

  After all, they were all descendants of the Wu family, and it was Wu Fiona who had brought them into the Dao. It was indeed a pity that they had not been able to open the Mud Pill Palace in a hundred years of seclusion, but at most it would only take another ten or twenty years, and since a hundred years had flown by in a flash, ten or twenty years was nothing. I’m not sure if it’s a big deal.

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