Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5735

  ”Isn’t Wu Fiona keeping a close eye on Aurous Hill? As long as this painting comes out, she will definitely pay attention to it, and by then she will definitely have many question marks in her heart!”

  ”She must want to know who, exactly, has taken out her master’s portrait?”

  ”And she must want to know even more, who took out the painting, and what exactly is the relationship with her master? Could it be the disciple her master had taken in before her? If so, then the other party might be over five hundred years old, have already obtained the Hundred Revolutions and Thousand Return Pill, and is feared to be stronger than her by an unknown amount!”

  ”She must also want to know why the two Counts under her command, who had just died and disappeared in Aurous Hill, were followed by the portrait of her master appearing in Aurous Hill the next day?”

  ”And she must be keen to find out if the person who took out this painting and the person who forced Jaroqing to blow himself up could be the same person? If so, why didn’t that person die when Jaroqing blew himself up?”

  ”And she must also want to understand how the other person survived Jaroqing’s self-explosion and why the painting of her master was made public immediately afterwards.”

  ”In addition to that, she must have wanted to find out what the other party’s intentions were in doing so. Is it to shake the tiger, to tell her that the other party already knew her true identity and that she was Meng Changsheng’s disciple?”

  ”Once she thinks of this, she will realise that the other party has already found out everything about her!”

  ”At that time, this woman, who usually has to use a voice changer on the phone, will be as terrified as an ant in trouble, feeling tormented and not knowing what to do at the same time.”

  ”And that’s not the problem that’s bothering her the most! What must be troubling her the most is: does this man know all about her, and by doing so, is he trying to lure her to Aurous Hill? Or to lure her into sending more people to die in Aurous Hill?”

  Speaking here, Charlie wade sneered, “I believe that when Wu Fiona has so many question marks in her head, she will definitely throw herself at Aurous Hill, and at that time, if I give her the guts, do you see her dare to come?! Even if those three elders have already arrived at Aurous Hill, she will still be the first to call those three back!”

  Grace Lowes asked with some doubts, “Mr. Wade, I do not know the art of war, nor do I know conspiracies and yang schemes, I have always had a doubt about The Empty City Strategy, and that is, since Sima Yi has 150,000 soldiers and Zhuge Liang opened the gates wide, why did he not send 10,000 soldiers or even 20,000 soldiers in to explore the reality?”

  Charlie wade smiled slightly: “Let me put it to you this way, if you received a fraudulent phone call and the other party said over the phone that if you transferred all your 150,000 to him, he would let you earn twice as much in one day, and you already firmly believe in your heart that the other party is a fraud, would you take out 10,000 or even 20,000 from your 150,000 home to call him to try? “

  Grace Lowes froze, then said ashamedly, “I understand …… thanks to Mr. Wade for enlightening me, it seems that I have been so preoccupied with monasticism all these years that I am too far behind in my strategies ……”

  Lin Wan’er looked at Charlie wade, her eyebrows already bent in a smile.

  She felt more and more that Charlie wade was an interesting person, capital and kind, strong and righteous, and at the same time very intelligent and, more rarely, humorous.

  So she said with a smile, “My lord, if Wu Fiona knew one day that my lord had schemed her so much, I’m afraid she would be so angry that she would live twenty years less ……”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er smiled narrowly and said, “Since you have such a good memory, then you might as well inscribe a few words on this painting, the effect will be better, I’m afraid.”

  Charlie wade smiled and asked, “What kind of words should I inscribe?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Just a brief biography of Old Master Meng! Meng Sheng, character Changming, a native of Chang’an, born in the first year of Linde of the Great Tang Dynasty, later called himself Changsheng Jushi and changed his name to Meng Changsheng ……”

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