Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5732

  Lin Wan’er looked at Charlie wade at this time and spoke, “Gongzi, if Wu Fiona really let those three great elders out, my slave is worried that Gongzi’s two fists will not be able to defeat six hands, for safety’s sake, why don’t you leave Aurous Hill for a while to avoid the storm ……”

  The three elders together, even Wu Fiona would find it difficult to win, and you haven’t opened your Mud Pill Palace yet, so if you stay in Aurous Hill, once the three elders arrive, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get out!”

  Charlie wade pondered for a moment and shook his head, “It’s easy for me to leave, how can my grandparents’ family leave? They have such a big target, and there might even be informants from the Broken Qing Society inside, the Broken Qing Society is bent on their lives, no matter how they escape, there is no way they can escape the pursuit of those three Elders ……”

  Speaking of this, Charlie wade suddenly asked Grace Lowes, “How much do you know about my parents? Do you know why Wu Fiona still had to kill my grandparents’ family after twenty years?!”

  Grace Lowes said truthfully, “Mr. Wade, I only know that your parents obtained the secret of longevity one step ahead of Wu Fiona, that is why, Wu Fiona asked Uncle Jaro to chase and kill your parents twenty years ago, as for why he still wanted to kill your grandparents’ family after twenty years, I am not sure about that.”

  Charlie wade frowned and asked her, “The secret of longevity, I heard Jaroqing also talk about it a few times, what exactly is this secret of longevity?”

  Grace Lowes shook her head, “I don’t know either …… The Secret of Everlasting Life is only Wu Fiona’s words, but what exactly it is, the four of us are not sure.”

  Charlie wade was a little disappointed, he still hadn’t been able to figure out what exactly the secret of longevity was that had led to the feud between his parents and Wu Fiona, nor had he been able to figure out why Wu Fiona was trying to drive his grandparents’ family to extinction after twenty years.

  At the side, Lin Wan’er remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Where exactly is the present-day residence of the Broken Qing Society?”

  Grace Lowes said, “It’s underground on an uninhabited island in South America, near the Antarctic Circle, but I’m not sure of the exact coordinates, the British master has always been on guard against us, we will come out and take a seaplane or a small submarine to Argentina first, but we also have to go back to Argentina first, however, whether it’s a plane or a submarine, we can’t see any outside scenery, and when we board the island we are not allowed to carry any modern tools such as mobile phones.”

  Saying that, Grace Lowes added, “But it should be right near the Antarctic Circle, and if we look carefully and rule it out one by one, it’s not impossible to find it.”

  Charlie wade shook his head, “I don’t even know how to deal with those three elders right now, so how can I still afford to find the Broken Clear Society’s lair.”

  Lin Wan’er hastily advised, “Gongzi, why don’t you consider my slave’s suggestion and leave Aurous Hill quickly to take refuge, or if you can’t, take your grandparents’ family with you!”

  ”I presume that no one in your grandparents’ immediate family would have colluded with the Qing Breaking Association, but most likely the family’s foreigners, so you can take only the An family to leave, during the period of strict control of information leakage, and do not allow them to have any contact with the outside world, safety should still be guaranteed …… “

  ”No.” The first thing I want to do is to take care of my family and friends. If I leave, no one will be able to guarantee their safety, not to mention that if I leave, I will never be able to forgive myself if the other side finds out my identity and takes out their hatred on my family and friends.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Besides, I can’t be allowed to take everyone with me on the run, right? Originally, I was still in the shadows at Wu Fiona’s place, so if I made such a big move, wouldn’t I be inviting myself in without a fight?”

  Lin Wan’er was worried and said, “My lord, South America is far away, but the three elders are trusted by Wu Fiona, once they leave the mountain, Wu Fiona will definitely ask them to come to Aurous Hill as fast as possible, and they will arrive in no more than 24 hours. …”

  Charlie wade was silent for a long time, his expression became more resolute and he said in a stern voice, “I’m not leaving! The An family doesn’t have to leave either! Since she, Wu Fiona, has set her sights on Aurous Hill, I’ll sing her an ‘Empty City Tactic’! I’d like to see if she has the guts to let her horse come!”

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