Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5731

When Charlie wade saw Grace Lowes’s expression turn stern, his brows knitted slightly and he spoke, “What is it, you say.”

  Grace Lowes gritted her teeth and said, “Wu Fiona said that it was dangerous for the four of us to go on missions and she was worried that we would lose our lives if we encountered powerful cultivators, so she spent several years to put an extremely secret and powerful formation inside the four of us. The reason why Uncle Jaro said today at the last moment that he would change his body to seek revenge on Mr. Wade is because of this ……”

  At this point, Grace Lowes said indignantly, “But I didn’t expect that it wasn’t a formation to preserve the remnants of our souls at all, but an extremely powerful self-destruct formation ……”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly after hearing this, “No wonder that Jaroqing begged for mercy from me at first, but became death defying when it mattered, so he thought he could really change his physical body to take over the body ……”

  ”Yes ……” Grace Lowes pursed her lips, looked up at Charlie wade and said frankly: “I am not hiding from Mr. Wade, in my mud pills palace, I also have an identical formation, and I think its power will not be worse than Jaro Bo’s. Although I have no spiritual energy in my body now, I can’t activate it and it is not as powerful as the one in my body. Although I have no aura in my body and cannot activate it, and I am also unwilling to do so, I cannot guarantee that Wu Fiona has the means to activate it. ……”

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Even if she could activate the formation in your body, it would be impossible to activate it remotely, right?”

  Grace Lowes nodded, “It is naturally impossible to activate it remotely, but if she sends the three Elders out and then tells the three Elders the method to activate the formation, then I am afraid that I will become an unstable super bomb around you sir ……”

  Charlie wade frowned and asked her, “What do you think the probability of Wu Fiona sending the Three Great Elders is?”

  Grace Lowes thought for a moment and said with certainty, “From what I know about her, one hundred percent!”

  ”Really?” Charlie wade narrowed his eyes and spoke, “As you said, these three Elders have been in seclusion, in another ten to twenty years they will be able to open the Mud Pill Palace, if we let them out now, it will inevitably interrupt their cultivation, if we try to let them continue their seclusion afterwards, I’m afraid it will also delay them for an additional long time, the intangible loss is so big, will she be willing to let it go? “

  Grace Lowes said seriously, “Mr. Wade, Wu Fiona has repeatedly suffered the loss of gullibility, she thought that the dead soldiers would be able to kill the An family, thought that the primus guards would be able to capture Miss Lin, but failed twice in a row, and then she learned from the lesson of gullibility twice and sent the four earls, thinking that Jordan Bo would be able to find out what was unusual about the primus guards in Cyprus, but she did not expect that Jordan Bo would be beaten to a pulp by the close defense cannon ;”

  ”She thought that with Jaro Bo in the light and me in the dark, she would definitely be able to kill the An family, but now she has failed too ……”

  ”In this situation, she will definitely send the three elders to completely remove the aftermath, because the three elders are her last trump card!”

  ”If the Three Great Elders can solve it, then it would be best; if the Three Great Elders can’t solve it, then I’m afraid she can only abandon the nest and flee for her life!”

  Lin Wan’er subconsciously asked, “Then how strong are the Three Great Elders, are you clear?”

  Grace Lowes said, “Miss Lin, in fact I have never met the three elders, they have been in seclusion since I joined the Qing Breaking Association, but according to Wu Fiona, when they were in seclusion, their strength was already on par with that of Jaro Bo before tonight, that is to say, these three were stronger than me a hundred years ago, and after a hundred years of seclusion, their strength must have improved greatly again! The four of us are naturally not on par with them.”

  Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er’s expressions instantly changed.

  According to Grace Lowes’s words, the strength of the three elders must exceed that of the four Counts by a large margin, and it would be extremely difficult to deal with one of them alone, and if these three acted together, their strength would be immeasurable.

  Charlie wade also knew that he could beat Jaro Bo, but he definitely could not beat the elders who had a hundred years more cultivation experience than Jaro Bo, let alone the three Elders.

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