Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5728

  Charlie wade nodded and didn’t say anything, but simply turned around and walked back.

  Grace Lowes hurriedly followed, and at the same time saw the stunningly beautiful young girl standing in front of him.

  When she saw the other girl’s face, her entire body felt as if she had seen a ghost and exclaimed in horror and shock, “Lin …… Lin Wan’er?!”

  ”It’s me!” Lin Wan’er answered crisply, then looked at Grace Lowes, winked playfully and smiled, “Uncle Calivet, right? I’ve heard of you for a long time, and the people in the community have praised you as beautiful and cold, but today, it seems that you are really better known than seen.”

  Grace Lowes’s dark eyes were fixed on Lin Wan’er, who smelled like a young girl, but her heart was already in shock, she couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Lin, have you …… really lived for more than three hundred years?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded frankly and said with a smile, “Yes, since you are one of the four earls of the Broken Qing Society, you should have heard of me decades ago, right?”

  Grace Lowes said without hiding, “That’s right, I heard of Miss Lin’s great name eighty years ago, it’s an honour for me to finally see Miss Lin’s true face today ……”

  Lin Wan’er knew that Charlie wade wanted to draw Grace Lowes into his camp, so she smiled and said to Grace Lowes, “Uncle Calivet has nothing to be honoured by when he sees me, it is your honour to see Sir Wade;”

  ”Without Duke Wade, even if you survive the night, Wu Fiona will definitely try everything to find you, and even if you don’t wait for her to find you and return to the Broken Qing Society on your own initiative, the result will definitely not be what you think.”

  Even if you don’t wait for her to find you and return to the Qing Breaking Society on your own initiative, the result will not be what you think.” Lin Wan’er added, “Without Mr. Wade, you have lost your cultivation and are badly injured, so in Wu Fiona’s eyes, you are a liability that has no use, but still holds many of her secrets.

  Lin Wan’er’s words caused Grace Lowes’s entire body to stand frozen on the spot.

  She had only thought that she did not want to go back to Wu Fiona’s side to be at her mercy and used by her, but she had not thought that even if she wanted to go back to be at her mercy, she would not have the chance to do so, even if she had lost her cultivation and was seriously injured.

  The reason was that her injuries were too serious and there was no chance of her recovering, and Wu Fiona would not have used up her spiritual energy to save herself.

  So, naturally, she had no value to Wu Fiona.

  People without value would not be kept by Wu Fiona’s side.

  And someone who has no value and at the same time holds Wu Fiona’s secrets, Wu Fiona will not keep her on earth either!

  Thinking of this, Grace Lowes became even more determined to work with Charlie wade.

  So, she knelt down on one knee and looked at Charlie wade with immense gratitude and said respectfully, “I, Grace Lowes, thank you for saving my life, Mr. Wade!”

  In his heart, Charlie wade sighed with admiration at Lin Wan’er and thought, “This 300-year-old girl is really clever, she can hit the nail on the head as soon as she opens her mouth.

  Then, he retracted his thoughts, nodded slightly to Grace Lowes, and spoke, “That pill just now is just to help you relieve your injuries first, after this period of time, I will choose the opportunity to restore your cultivation as before.”

  Grace Lowes was appalled beyond belief, and at the same time could not restrain his surprise as he asked, “Mr. Wade …… you …… can really restore my cultivation to its original state?!”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “When Jaro exploded, I was even more seriously injured than you, see how well I have recovered now?”

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