Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5725

Seeing Charlie wade pointing out the direction with his hand, Lin Wan’er didn’t even look at it before pulling the joystick directly, making the helicopter fly precisely in the direction of Charlie wade’s finger.

  At this moment, Grace Lowes, who was hiding inside a gap in the boulder, did not yet know that she had been locked in by the other side.

  She only wanted to do her best not to move her body, not to make any noise, and to wait for the people on the helicopter to make their rounds, then they would naturally leave the place.

  Moreover, she was absolutely sure that she would not be discovered by the other party.

  The boulder above Grace Lowes’s head was so thick that even if the other party used thermal imaging equipment, it would not be possible for them to find her whereabouts through the boulder.

  However, what made Grace Lowes feel more and more apprehensive was that the helicopter was coming towards his direction!

  As the helicopter got closer and closer to her, Grace Lowes’s heart was also tense to the extreme.

  At this moment, the helicopter had already arrived above the huge rock at the foot of the mountain.

  Charlie wade suddenly spoke, “This is the place! I can already feel her, she’s badly injured now!”

  After saying that, he pushed open the door and planned to jump straight down from the helicopter.

  Lin Wan’er subconsciously tugged at the corner of his shirt and blurted out, “Sir, since that Uncle Calivet is seriously injured, why don’t you wait for my slave to come with you! My slave would like to meet her with you for a while.”

  Seeing this, Charlie wade gave up his intention to jump straight down and spoke, “This is full of trees down here, the helicopter can’t land, so why don’t you descend back to the area that was bulldozed by the explosion, and then we’ll walk over together.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, and then steered the helicopter to turn around in place.

  Grace Lowes, who was under the boulder, couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief as she saw the helicopter turn away after reaching the top of her head.

  But what she didn’t know was that Lin Wan’er had already landed the helicopter at the edge of the explosion range. After the helicopter had stopped, she said to Charlie wade, “My lord, I have received a tip-off that although Calivet Bo Grace Lowes was one of the four Counts of the Qing Breaking Society, he was dedicated to the Tao and had not done much to harm Heaven and earth. If you can use this as a breakthrough point, you may be able to take Grace Lowes into your own hands.”

  Charlie wade nodded gently and said, “If there is indeed something fishy about Uncle Jaro’s self-explosion, I am afraid that no one other than Lord Ying knows more about it than this Uncle Calivet.”

  With that, the two of them jumped off the helicopter and walked on foot towards the boulder where Grace Lowes was hiding.

  Grace Lowes had just relaxed and wanted to take a short rest before trying to find a way to escape from here, but to her surprise, she soon heard a rustling of footsteps.

  Her heart thudded and she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Could it be the people from the helicopter coming on foot?

  At this thought, the heart she had just put down hung in the air again.

  She knew very well that she was badly injured and no matter who was coming, she would not be able to resist.

  She could only pray in her heart that the sound of footsteps would not come to her and that the owner of the footsteps would not find her.

  However, her prayers seemed to have no effect.

  The footsteps of the two men were getting closer and closer, and finally they were standing less than ten metres away from the boulder.

  She knew that if she was discovered by the other party, she would be dead for sure, and they would do everything they could to torture her in order to get information about the Qing Breaking Society and Lord Ying out of her.

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