Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5724

  Then, she suddenly thought of Lord Ying and exclaimed in her heart, “Today, when Uncle Jaro blew himself up and I disappeared along with him, Lord Ying will definitely try to find a way to investigate, I must not let her know that I am still alive!”

  With that, she struggled to get her mobile phone out of her pocket.

  The phone was by now completely shattered and deformed, and even the battery was bulging from the deformation. Seeing this, she was finally relieved, thinking that it would be impossible for the phone to continue feeding back its location to the Young Master.

  After about ten minutes had passed, Charlie wade finally recovered from the effects of the Remodelling Pill, he craned his neck and stretched out laboriously in the cramped cabin, his whole body no longer looked half as weak as if he had been seriously injured.

  Lin Wan’er at the side marvelled in awe, “You’ve recovered already, Gongzi?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “The body has recovered, but the aura is not there yet.”

  Saying that, he took out two more Peiyuan pills and stuffed them into his mouth with a handful.

  As soon as the pills entered his belly, they turned into pure spiritual qi that spread along the already repaired meridians and dantian, spreading out towards his circumference.

  Charlie wade felt the surging spiritual qi return, and his whole body immediately experienced an indescribable relief.

  Lin Wan’er, who was at the side, felt the spirit qi filling his body again and said with surprise, “It seems that Gongzi has fully recovered!”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly and could not help but sigh, “The person has recovered, but that ring probably still needs a lot of spiritual energy, this can only be done slowly.”

  Saying that, he asked Lin Wan’er, “Did Miss Lin find anything in this valley?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “I have just swept around at low altitude, but I have not seen the body of Calivet Bo, so there is a high probability that she is still alive. The odds are that she is hiding at the foot of the mountains around here, so we can go down and look carefully.”

  Charlie wade nodded and agreed, “Miss Lin’s speculation is very reasonable, in that case, it would be hard for Miss Lin to bring the helicopter as low as possible to the foot of the mountain, and I will use my aura to check it out.”

  ”Good!” Lin Wan’er immediately lowered the height of the helicopter to the lowest possible level, almost brushing the treetops at the foot of the mountain in slow flight.

  Charlie wade, on the other hand, released his aura around his body as a way to sense the whereabouts of Calivet Bo.

  At this moment, Grace Lowes was at the other end of the valley, and when she saw that the helicopter had not only not left, but had started to lower its altitude and approach her direction along the foot of the mountain, her heart instantly rose to her throat.

  She knew very well her current situation, if she was discovered, it wouldn’t even take an expert, a ten year old child could easily kill her.

  Moreover, she knew very well that if she fell into the hands of the An family, she would only end up even more miserable!

  The An family must have treated the Qing Breakers as the worst of all enemies, and if they caught her, she would be dead!

  Nervous, she struggled to move her body to hide herself deeper, hoping to use the cover of the boulder to escape the other helicopter’s detection.

  She thought that the other party was just ordinary people who did not understand aura, and that they were definitely not looking for themselves, but for Charlie wade. Therefore, she concluded that the other party would at most look for Charlie wade’s whereabouts in the helicopter, and would not pay attention to whether there was anyone hiding under the boulder.

  But how could she have imagined that Charlie wade was looking for her not by sight, but by the perception of his aura!

  When the helicopter was still two to three hundred metres away from Grace Lowes, Charlie wade’s expression suddenly flinched and he pointed to the darkness in front of him and said to Lin Wan’er, “Over there!”

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