Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5723

  Wu Tony said, “Lord Ying! If something were to happen to Uncle Jaro and Uncle Calivet today, I can conclude that the people who killed them are definitely in the same camp as the people who killed Uncle Jordan Bojun, the people who saved the An family in New York and the people who saved Lin Wan Er in Northern Europe!”

  ”In that case, it also proves that the other party is not just one person, but a huge organisation like the Broken Qing Society!”

  ”Not only do they have traditional masters like cultivators, but they are also skilled in using modern weapons like close-in cannons, so it can be said that they are fully developed If we let the other side develop any longer, it will be a great threat to the future of the Broken Qing Society!”

  After a pause, Wu Tony continued, “Moreover, during the recent period, they have been winning one after another, and are on the verge of breaking through! Lord Ying, this crisis is unprecedented, you can’t hesitate any longer!”

  Wu Fiona fell into a moment of silence.

  Wu Tony’s worries made the anxiety and apprehension in her heart even greater. She also knew that what Wu Tony said was not without reason, if she really let the other side continue to grow bigger in the shadows, she feared that it would be a huge threat to herself in the future!

  Thinking of this, she gritted her teeth and said, “Immediately inform the Central Military Governor’s Office and tell them to send their best scouts to Aurous Hill by plane to investigate!”

  ”If Jaro Bo is really martyred, the tremendous power will definitely leave an explosion trail with a radius of hundreds of meters. After tomorrow’s dawn, as long as they fly over Wan Liu Villa, they will definitely be able to find the explosion site!”

  ”If we are sure that Uncle Jaro has been martyred, I will ask the three elders to come out of seclusion! Let the three of them go to Aurous Hill and join forces to find that person, cut him into pieces and put an end to it forever!”


  On the other side.

  The helicopter, piloted by Lin Wan’er, had flown directly above the centre of the explosion.

  As Charlie wade had already paid for the Remodelling Pill, his body could barely move, so she flew the helicopter, turning on the searchlight on the fuselage and flying low around the entire valley with the nose tilted downwards, while using the light to check out the situation below.

  At this moment, Charlie wade was feeling the repair and restructuring of his bones, organs, muscles and meridians inside his body. Luckily, his injuries were not as serious as Li Yalin’s at the beginning, so the whole process was much faster.

  Meanwhile, at the edge of the valley, in a natural stone crevice formed by a broken boulder, Calivet Bo Grace Lowes, listening to the whirring of the helicopter in the middle of the valley, was apprehensive.

  Her body had already been badly injured, her meridians, dantian and even her internal organs had all been severely injured, and it took her a lot of hardship to crawl under the boulder for a while.

  Originally, she had planned to hide here and take a few days to recover before finding a way to leave.

  In her judgement, although Charlie wade had seen herself at the moment of the explosion, the explosion at Jaro Bo was so powerful that Charlie wade would only die.

  Therefore, she could also conclude that no one on the other side knew of her existence, and she could heal here in peace.

  But how could she have imagined that, as soon as her plans were made, another helicopter would come, and that helicopter kept circling in the valley, seemingly looking for something.

  She thought to herself, “Could it be that those people are undeterred by their failure to find Charlie wade, so they are coming to look for him again?”

  Thinking of this, she was slightly relieved again and secretly said, “As long as they aren’t looking for me!”

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