Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5722

   The first time I saw the company, I was able to get to know the people who were in charge.

  Wu Tony couldn’t help but ask, “Ying Lord, my subordinate feels that that person should know the An Family, otherwise why would he save the An Family from the fire at a critical moment?”

  Wu Fiona shook his head with a gloomy expression, “I don’t know either, if Uncle Jaro really exploded in martyrdom, his opponent must be a stronger cultivator, but I have had people secretly monitoring the An Family for many years and have not found any connection between the An Family and any cultivators.”

  Wu Tony added, “Then could it be that Uncle Jaro has accidentally offended a local expert in Aurous Hill?”

  Wu Fiona pondered for a moment and said, “I can’t rule out this possibility, two days ago Uncle Jaro told me that he had stumbled upon a magic weapon in Aurous Hill, since a magic weapon has appeared, it is very likely that a cultivator exists, moreover, I am now beginning to suspect that the magic weapon that Uncle Jaro found in Aurous Hill could be a trap laid by the other side long ago, the so-called magic weapon is just a bait to lure Uncle Jaro into The bait!”

  Wu Tony exclaimed, “If that’s true, then wouldn’t the other party have guessed that Jaro Bo was going to Aurous Hill?!”

  ”It’s possible.” Wu Fiona had a complicated expression, and as she spoke, she suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Tonight I asked Uncle Calivet to secretly follow Uncle Jaro, if Uncle Jaro was forced to explode in martyrdom, then I’m afraid that she is also in a bad way!”

  Wu Tony’s eyes widened, “If something bad happens to Calivet Bo, it will be too great a loss for the Qing Breaking Association! You have trained these four earls for so many years, if something were to happen to all three of them, the people below would definitely be in disarray ……”

  Wu Fiona said in a cold voice: “Confused? Remember, if something happens to both Jaro and Calivet, whoever in the Five Armies Governor’s Office is in disarray will have one of his feet chopped off! If cutting off one is not enough, then cut off two!”

  Wu Tony said respectfully, “My subordinates obey my orders!”

  Wu Fiona added, “If something happens to both of them, make sure that the Five Armies Governor’s Office keeps a tight lid on the news below, and I will kill anyone who dares to leak out!”

  Wu Tony arched his hand and said, “Don’t worry, Lord Ying, I will definitely get the message across!”

  With that, Wu Tony knelt down on one knee and said respectfully, “Lord Ying, I have a matter to advise you!”

  Wu Fiona said coldly, “Speak!”

  Wu Tony said, “Lord Ying! If Uncle Jaro and Uncle Calivet really died in Aurous Hill, I dare to suggest to Lord Ying that the three elders of the Council of Elders come out of seclusion early and order the three of them to go to Aurous Hill, as long as the three of them join forces, they will be able to kill the expert hiding in the shadows!”

  Wu Fiona said, “The three elders have been in seclusion for over a hundred years and are at the critical stage of opening their Mud Pill Palace, in another ten to twenty years, the three of them will open their Mud Pill Palace one after another, and the strength of the Qing Breaking Society will rise to a higher level, if we let them out of seclusion now, it will definitely interrupt their cultivation progress, and may push back the time for them to open their Mud Pill Palace by another Twenty years, this decision cannot be made easily ……”

  The three elders are my hidden killers, as you know, and in the past hundred years or so, there are only five people who know of their existence, and apart from you, there are the four earls.

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