Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5719

  An Chongqiu sighed and said, “It doesn’t matter if I was kicked out by my nephew, I just didn’t expect him to be so powerful and a life-saver, so when I think back to my own words and actions at the auction, I feel a bit embarrassed.”

  At that moment, the roar of a helicopter came from outside the villa.

  The old lady suddenly became excited and asked Li Yalin, “Is it Charlie wade who has arrived?”

  Li Yalin hurriedly said, “Auntie, Mr. Albert just said that for our safety, this place should be put under martial law tonight, and specially explained that we should not go out freely tonight, the helicopters are probably patrolling or something like that, so you don’t need to care, just rest well tonight, maybe Mr. Wade will come to see you tomorrow.”

  When they heard this, they didn’t suspect anything, after all, the helicopters were taking off and landing frequently tonight, they were already somewhat used to it.

  At this moment, Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er had arrived right above Charlie wade’s mid-level villa after a flight of about ten minutes.

  With the joystick in her hand, Lin Wan’er skilfully landed the helicopter in the courtyard of the villa. As soon as the helicopter had stopped, she hurriedly jumped down and ran to the other side to help Charlie wade, who had difficulty moving, down.

  With her assistance, Charlie wade walked into the villa and took Lin Wan’er directly to the basement of the villa.

  Inside the airtight basement, Charlie wade checked the mobile phone he had left here and was relieved to find that no one was looking for him.

  The time to do it tonight would have been the latter part of the night, and under normal circumstances, no one would be looking for him at this time of night.

  What’s more, before he left home, he had also given Claire, who was far away in the United States, and his mother-in-law and father-in-law at home a good deal of padding, saying that the client had asked him to go out of town to temporarily look at a feng shui, so that in case there was any situation where he couldn’t return at night, Jacob and Elaine wouldn’t get suspicious.

  The most worrying thing for Charlie wade is whether Elaine will sneak into his and Claire’s room again to look for valuable things, in case he finds the letter he left for Claire, won’t that blow up?

  But now they were not even looking for themselves, which proved that Elaine had indeed been a lot more peaceful recently.

  Only afterwards did Charlie wade put down his phone and take out a Remodelling Pill and two more Peiyuan Pills from the box he had stored the pills in.

  His body was still very seriously injured, and the effect of the Spring Return Pill was not very obvious to him, so the best and fastest way to recover was to take the Reshaping Pill.

  The best and fastest way to recover was to take the Remodelling Pill. The aura in his body had also been lost, so he could only rely on the Pill to replenish it quickly.

  So, these three pills will basically restore his body as good as new.

  However, he was in no hurry to take the pills immediately, instead, he took out an enhanced version of the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill from his own pills and handed it to Lin Wan’er at the side, saying, “Miss Lin, keep this pills, if you encounter danger and get seriously injured in the future, this pills can save your life;”

  Lin Wan’er hurriedly took a step back and waved her hand, “Sir, my slave cannot accept this great gift ……”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Didn’t you accept it when you were in the bedchamber?”

  Lin Wan’er subconsciously said, “That’s different ……”

  Charlie wade asked rhetorically, “How is it different? You can accept it when you call Charlie wade brother, but you can’t accept it when you call Wade Gongzi?”

  Lin Wan’er said awkwardly, “Slave …… slave didn’t mean that …… slave just felt that the pills were too expensive …… before slave The reason why I took that remaining elixir was also because I was afraid that if Gongzi were to be in danger one day, my slave would still be able to keep those elixirs just in case, but now that Gongzi is safe and sound, it would be inappropriate for my slave to take your elixir again ……”

  Charlie wade said unquestionably, “Then you’d better adjust the way you look at things as soon as possible and tell yourself in your heart that there’s nothing inappropriate about it.”

  The first thing you need to do is to take out another Spring Return Pill and put it into her hand again, saying, “This is a Spring Return Pill, if an ordinary person takes it, it can cure a hundred diseases, if a person who is not sick takes it, it can prolong his life for twenty years, it is more effective than the Scattered Blood Heart Saving Pill, if you take it, although it does not have the effect of prolonging your life, all injuries and diseases can be cured. If even the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill doesn’t work anymore, take it!”

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