Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5715

  ”Yes Miss Banks.” Although Isaac Cameron’s eyes were red, he still braced himself and said comfortingly, “As long as there is no clear evidence that Young Master has met with danger, then it proves that there is still hope for everything.”

  Xion Banks knew that they were all just consoling themselves, in fact, everyone who couldn’t find Charlie wade’s whereabouts were all very upset and very sad, only that she had become the one who was the first to tense up her emotions.

  At this time, Li Yalin came forward and said to the crowd with a certain look on his face, “All of you should not be too pessimistic for the time being, at the moment, I think the chances of Charlie wade living down are very high!”

  The crowd instantly became excited and could not help but ask out of turn, “Really?!”

  Li Yalin calmly analysed, “First of all, you all should think about one thing clearly, we should not feel pessimistic about the delay in finding Mr. Wade’s whereabouts, on the contrary, we should feel grateful for the delay in finding his whereabouts.”

  At this point, Li Yalin added: “Think about it, the explosion just now was so powerful, if we had found Mr. Wade’s whereabouts here, then even if he was still alive, I’m afraid he would only have one breath left, precisely because we couldn’t find Mr. Wade’s whereabouts, nor could we find Mr. Wade’s corpse, that’s why this proves that the possibility of Mr. Wade escaping from the dead is very high instead! “

  Don Albert blurted out, “Inspector Li, there were Master Wade’s things at the centre of the explosion, those things prove that Master Wade was probably at the centre of the explosion when it happened, and we’ve searched such a large area, and we haven’t found any clues about Master Wade, isn’t that a contradiction? Could it be that Master Wade was able to hide his entire body directly to safety at the moment of the explosion? If that’s true, then why didn’t he contact us?”

  Li Yalin said seriously, “Don Albert, you have been following Mr. Wade for a long time, you should know very well that many of Mr. Wade’s methods are simply beyond our understanding as adults;”

  ”It’s like I don’t understand why Mr. Wade can still bring me back to life after I’ve been shot so many times and my body has been beaten into a hornet’s nest;”

  ”So, we should never use common sense to look at what happened today, do you think it’s possible that Mr. Wade was at the centre of the explosion when it happened, so he was in a bad way? Then why don’t you think differently, what if Master Wade had some means of being able to withstand the explosion and really put himself in a safe place at that moment of the explosion?”

  Don Albert said with red eyes, “Inspector Li, I am not trying to oppose you, nor am I trying to sing a tune against you, my life is given to me by Master Wade.

  The first thing that I want to do is to get a good idea of what is going to happen to me.” “I just …… don’t know what to do, I’m afraid that Master Wade will be in trouble ……”

  The crowd nodded with great understanding, everyone actually felt the same, they all hoped that Charlie wade would be alright, but they were all afraid that something would really happen to him.

  Just at this time, Don Albert’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

  He was startled by the ringing of the phone and said offhandedly, “Isn’t the signal blocked?”

  At the side, Isaac Cameron said, “The helicopter responsible for the blocking has just gone back, and if it’s blocked for a long time, the nearby residents will definitely try to complain, which will lead to more trouble instead.”

  ”Oh ……” Don Albert nodded, took a look at the caller number and didn’t recognize it, so he simply pressed off the phone, wiped away his tears and spoke, “Let’s keep looking!”

  Just as he finished speaking, the phone rang again.

  Don Albert was already irritable and was disturbed by the call, so he immediately pressed the answer button and cursed, “What’s wrong with you, you keep calling at night, are you finished?”

  On the other end of the line, Charlie wade’s voice came out, “Don Albert, why are you so angry?”

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