Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5712

Charlie wade was surprised to hear that and couldn’t help but ask her, “At that time in Northern Europe, you were accompanied by an old man whom you called grandfather in front of me at that time, but he was actually an orphan that you raised as well, right?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and said, “The old man that your son is talking about is called Old Zhang, he was the last abandoned baby that my slave adopted in Eastcliff after the July 7 Incident and before she departed for the United States.”

  After a pause, Lin Wan’er continued, “In fact, most of such children, after their twenties, will set up their own businesses with the help of the slave family, some assets are said to be given to them to take care of on their behalf, but in fact, it is equivalent to a gift from the slave family to them, in these two hundred years, there is no telling how much wealth has been given away;”

  ”Only a very small number of children like Old Zhang, who have a strong bond with the slave and willingly stay with her, will be taken by her all the time, after all, she is a woman and has no means of defence, so she needs someone to look after her when she is on the run.”

  ”Apart from Old Zhang, there was originally an American girl born in 1942 who also followed my slave around, but she died of cancer some years ago.”

  ”The owner of this mansion was adopted by the slave family before the July 7th Incident, he was still in infancy, the slave family later took him to America, where he got into Yale University, after graduating, I sent him to Southeast Asia to take over some of my properties there, and over the years he has run a good business and has become the richest man in the region;”

  ”That old Sun in Eastcliff who helped my slave find out a lot of information about your son was likewise adopted by my slave before the July 7th Incident, he had also been studying and furthering his studies in the US before, he came back in 1963 to build the motherland and has developed quite well over the years since then.”

  But after the end of World War II, technology became more and more advanced and the Qing Breaking Society became more and more powerful, so I became more cautious and spent decades in the South Pacific and some island countries in the Indian Ocean. The result was that I met you in Northern Europe ……”

  Charlie wade silently listened to Lin Wan’er’s narrative, his heart was already flooded with shocking waves.

  The three hundred years of experience, Lin Wan’er lightly described, but, this lightly described, do not know how many thousands of miles of road and hardship, also do not know how many times the world contains a great change.

  She must have had an extremely difficult and trying journey over these three hundred years.

  When Lin Wan’er finished speaking, she saw that Charlie wade was silent for a long time, so she smiled and asked, “Is your son envious when he knows that his slave has lived for so long?”

  Charlie wade looked at her, shook his head gently and said from the bottom of his heart, “I don’t envy, I even feel a little bit of pain ……”

  ”Heartbroken?” Lin Wan’er was stunned and subconsciously asked, “Is your son heartbroken for his slave?”

  ”Yes……” Charlie wade looked at her and nodded slightly.

  Lin Wan’er’s eyes heated up and she hurriedly turned her face away, deliberately forcing a smile and said, “What is there to be heartbroken about for a slave, if my slave’s story was told to outsiders, I don’t know how many people would die of envy ……”

  The tears came out uncontrollably and flowed down her cheeks, even though she was looking up at the ceiling.

  Lin Wan’er scrambled to wipe away her tears, her eyes shining with tears, but she smiled and asked Charlie wade, “By the way, why does your son have a heart for his slave?”

  Charlie wade said with emotion: “Although I have not attained immortality, I am already terrified at the thought that I might live to be two hundred years old. ……”

  At this moment, Lin Wan’er looked at Charlie wade and just wanted to cry bitterly in front of him.

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