Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5710

Although Charlie wade coveted Lin Wan’er’s Lightning Strike Wood in his heart, he was too embarrassed to ask for it for a while.

  After all, it was something that Lin Wan’er had treasured for over three hundred years, and it must have meant something extraordinary to her.

  However, Charlie wade knew that there was no need for him to be too anxious, even if Lin Wan’er gave him the thunderbolt wood, he would not be able to refine it.

  So, Charlie wade looked at Lin Wan’er and asked a question he was very curious about, “Miss Lin, I am curious to know, how have you been coming through these 300 years?”

  Lin Wan’er shrugged her shoulders and smiled, laughing to herself, “It’s not like my slave is proficient in aura, so I’m not a match for Wu Fiona at all, so my slave has only been running around for these three hundred years.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “But the first two hundred years were fine, back then, after all, transportation was not convenient and communication was not developed, so it was not that easy for Wu Fiona to catch me.”

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er tilted her head and recalled while narrating, “After taking care of my father’s affairs, because of my young age and little ability, my slave could only live in several remote places in southern Yunnan for several decades, because this face of my slave was too young, in order not to be suspected, my slave usually lived in one place for only five or eight years before changing to another place”

  ”It was also during that time that the slave fell in love with pu’er tea;”

  ”During that time, my slave moved from place to place and also took the opportunity to learn and experiment with the making of pu-erh tea everywhere, and then lived for a few years on the edge of Tianchi in southern Yunnan, teaching local tea farmers the process of making pu-erh tea better;”

  ”After witnessing the failure of the Pu-erh mother plant, I felt that I had lost my spiritual support, and after decades of living on the run, I had accumulated some money and learned a lot of experience in living and escaping. …”

  ”After leaving Yunnan, my slave did not dare to go to the mainland, so she went all the way south to Jiaotui, and from there all the way down to the South Seas, where she lived in several countries, and finally in Penang for a while;”

  ”Then later, my slave went to Brunei, to Indonesia, and then from Indonesia to India by boat, and from India across the Middle East to the Ottoman Empire;”

  ”After that, the industrial revolution began in Europe and the slave was so amazed at the time at their rapid technological and academic development that he began to travel to various European countries, and in between, under different identities, attended many universities in Europe;”

  ”In the early nineteenth century, I crossed the English Channel to study in England, but it was not long before the British invasion of China began, and when I saw that the British, who usually prided themselves on being gentlemen, began to colonise and sell opium all over the world, and started the first opium war in China, I was so disgusted that I left England and took a ship to North America; “

  ”The white people there were busy running around, enslaving the black people, and slaughtering the native Indians, and there was bloodshed and chaos everywhere they went.

  ”Japan was already undergoing the Meiji Restoration, a period of rapid impact and integration between the East and the West, and I wanted to see where the country would go, so I stayed in Japan for a while longer;”

  ”After the Sino-Japanese War, I was deeply impressed by the mediocrity of the Qing court, and having seen the rapid development of Europe after the Industrial Revolution and the rapid transformation of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, I wanted to return to China and do my bit for China; “

  When Charlie wade heard this, he was already too shocked to speak.

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